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Meaning of the name

Praskovya Russian version of the Greek name Paraskeva, translated from Greek means "Friday".


As a child, Praskovya is a sweet, smiling girl, and, at first glance, she is not discouraged. However, this impression is deceptive, since little Praskovya is extremely vulnerable and touchy, she can withdraw into herself, become gloomy, and it will take a lot of effort and tact to bring her out of this state. At the same time, she is very sociable, willingly plays with children, but more often younger ones.

Growing up, she is more and more egoistic, and if her parents do not teach her to be more attentive to those around her in time, they risk becoming a victim of childish ingratitude in her old age. Praskovya studies well, pride does not allow her to lag behind her peers in anything.

Adult Praskovya is proud, full of self-esteem, jealous of her own person. She is an attentive and reliable worker; among her colleagues she has many friends and almost no enemies.

Perhaps Praskovya will not always listen carefully to her friends or will forget to congratulate her second cousin's nephew on his birthday, but in offense to friends and relatives, he will not allow him to prevent not only backbiting, but even a harmless joke. Possessing many virtues and talents, she is extremely tolerant of the shortcomings of others.


Sweetheart, affectionate, charming, gentle - it is not surprising that a woman who has such outstanding qualities has many admirers.

However, men who expect fiery passion from her and nothing more are most often mistaken - this woman is not too temperamental. The initiative in bed is most often transferred to the partner; she does not feel much delight from endless love games.

But for a calm and balanced man, with an average temperament, Praskovya will become just an ideal wife. Her first marriage is most often unsuccessful.

Having married, Praskovya manifests herself as a practical and economical woman, knows how to get along with her spouse's relatives. She becomes the initiator of the celebration of family celebrations, and most often the celebration of the birthday takes place in her house.

Praskovya is always loyal to her beloved, jealous, vulnerable and touchy, but quickly forgets the disappointments caused to her. With her disinterestedness, kindness and hospitality, Praskovya easily wins the hearts of everyone who gets into her house.


Dark brown, maroon.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Scorpio.


The word Praskovya does not have pronounced phonosemantic characteristics.

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