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There is a special group of products - aphrodisiacs, which got their name in honor of the goddess of love Aphrodite. Even banal beets can become a participant in a flirtation, if cut into phalluses.

People also considered the genitals of animals extremely useful for libido, especially the most dangerous and aggressive ones - the walrus or the tiger. Even today in Spain it is considered obligatory for matadors to eat the testicles of a bull defeated in a bullfight; there is an opinion that this will give the fighter more masculinity and sexuality.

In the Middle Ages, the opinion of experts like Casanova was popular, who endowed expensive and exotic products with stimulating properties. However, there is also a scientific point of view that clearly states that foods containing selenium and zinc have the most effect on libido, as this helps to produce testosterone.

Vitamins A, B1, C and E are also important, which are responsible for hormones and relieve fatigue. Fatty acids and easily digestible proteins will serve as a source of energy. Interestingly, all of these components are found in products that have long been known as aphrodisiacs.

Let's not go into exoticism and witchcraft, extolling the amazing properties of horns, bark or exotic tinctures. Let's talk about the 10 most affordable aphrodisiacs that can help decorate a romantic evening. But do not forget that you still need to eat them in moderation, otherwise the blood can only rush to the stomach.

Avocado. The Aztecs knew that this fruit is a source of sexual energy. In addition, the fruits hanging from the tree are so reminiscent of male testicles. Scientists confirm the correctness of the ancient people, because avocados are so rich in potassium and proteins that they can successfully replace meat. Only, unlike him, the digestion of the fruit does not require as much effort. The appearance of energy will not be accompanied by drowsiness, as after a good piece of meat. Avocados are a good snack in between rounds in bed. And this fruit goes well with other stimulating foods - oysters and shrimp.

Mushrooms have always played a mystical and mysterious role, you just have to remember their use by shamans. Mushrooms in their shape resemble a man's penis, which is why they were included in the list of stimulants. Will not forget about the high content of protein and zinc in them, it has already been said that these are the main components of human sexual energy. Morels and truffles stand out sexually from the variety of mushrooms. It was the former who were so adored by Casanova. The famous nymphomaniac Messalina fed her lovers with truffles, and Angelica, the heroine of the novels of Anne and Serge Golon, was recommended to use these mushrooms to kindle passion before intimate dates.

Seafood. Any seafood is a rich source of iodine and light proteins, which are easily converted by us into energy. But of all the wealth of shellfish and fish, the fame of the best aphrodisiacs belongs to caviar and oysters. The caviar contains a unique cocktail of proteins, as well as many elements that have a beneficial effect on potency. It also contains folic acid, which will also be useful for those who decide to get pregnant. Hermaphrodite oysters carry a double dose of sexual energy. Their appearance resembles female genitals, seducers can easily demonstrate everything that they are ready to do to please their partner. Also in oysters there is a lot of "fast" protein, which feeds the strength depleted in love battles and will create the effect of an adrenaline surge. Only these products must be consumed carefully - out of habit, the stomach can rebel, which will ruin the date.

Ginger. The translation of this word from Chinese already means "courageous". This product stimulates blood circulation and helps potency. However, it would be a mistake to consider it exclusively male - in women, blood circulation in the pelvic organs increases, which also leads to sexual arousal.

Eggs are the most readily available type of easily digestible protein, which is so necessary for the strong half to replenish their protein reserves. In the famous treatise on love "The Fragrant Garden" by Sheikh Al-Nafzawi, it is precisely recommended to eat more eggs to recharge for sexual feats.

Dates are also a well-known sex stimulant; the role of these fruits is known from ancient Arabic books. "A Thousand and One Nights" says that this sweet fruit is able to cheer up even the most decrepit old men, with the same magic effect on women.

Chocolate is the best activator for women, especially when combined with raisins or nuts. This sweetness helps to release the pleasure hormone, which leads to mild euphoria and a state of love. Also, chocolate can be used in games - lovers will like to feed each other with fruit, with melted chocolate, draw fancy patterns on each other's body with this sweetness. And the destruction of such drawings by licking will become a very sexual activity.

Vanilla does not excite so frankly, but it is able to wrap up with peace and comfort. The sweet scent will help the man to relax, and the woman will create a sense of security. If a couple is planning a gentle and leisurely romantic sex, then vanilla is indispensable. By the way, the smell of freshly baked bread has the same effect on men.

Dill was used by the ancient Slavs to make love potions. Moreover, it was not at all an object of sighing to feed such drinks, this potion strengthened the female attractiveness. Fennel, also called fennel, also helps to improve libido.

Asparagus, although it has an obscene appearance, but it contains many useful trace elements. This product has a minimum amount of calories and a pleasant taste. This is just the case when food is healthy, tasty and does not make you fat. Asparagus is easy to cook and looks very sophisticated, making it the perfect side dish for a lover's dinner.

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