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The first moments of pregnancy are associated with the delight of both parents that they will soon have a baby, how they will love him and how he will please them. Different thoughts begin to creep into her head, and the woman begins to withdraw into herself and get nervous about different reasons.

A woman first of all begins to worry about the fact that she will no longer be able to perform at home the functions that she used to do. She worries that the pregnancy will make her awkward and clumsy and she will not be able to do anything at home or work as actively as before.

The body of a woman during pregnancy is uncontrollable and lives its own life, whereas before she could change her weight and shape at any time. At such moments, when it begins to seem that the body and stomach begins to disfigure you, you need to think about the fact that another life lives inside you. You must remember that a pregnant woman has always been and will be the most attractive just when she is expecting a baby.

You should be proud that another life lives in you, that you are carrying your baby, and he is waiting to meet you no less than you. You can now communicate with him, talk and be sure that he hears you and recognizes his mother's native voice. Even then he may not remember these moments, but during pregnancy, the mother and child are closest to each other.

The next point that worries all pregnant women is that for the entire duration of pregnancy and the first time after the birth of a child, she practically flies out of public life and becomes immersed in her worries. At this time, she ceases to be a participant in public life and loses her social position.

The woman begins to fear that later she will not be able to return to work, because, having lost so much time, she will no longer be able to satisfy the needs of the employer as a good specialist. You shouldn't worry about this either, because after pregnancy and childbirth, you will be able to perceive the world around you in a completely different way, you will be able to look at your work in a new way.

The birth of a child will have a special impact on women who work in an area where constant communication with people is necessary. After all, then she will be able to look at people's problems in a different way and understand them much better, she will quickly converge with people, because she will become more open for communication and contacts.

Naturally, every pregnant woman feels fear for the child himself. Sometimes a woman is afraid to make unnecessary movements in fear of harming her child. The closer the date of birth of the child becomes, the more fear arises that the woman will not be able to behave correctly when the newborn is brought to her.

Or what to do with the baby if he cries, because he cannot say what he wants, and the woman does not know what is required of her. In such cases, you just need to find something to do that will distract from unpleasant thoughts and constant anxiety.

You can do embroidery or knitting, you can start preparing a dowry for your child and do it yourself. You can start shopping trips to get everything you need for your unborn baby. Many, of course, believe that buying things for a child in advance is a bad omen.

If you believe in such a sign, then take the time and talk with your mother or a friend who has already given birth, consult what you need first of all for the baby, together with your husband, make up the entire list of necessary things and give your husband a command so that he himself can acquire everything these things when the baby is born.

In your fears and anxieties, constant thoughts about your future child, you should not forget about your own husband, who is next to you. It may seem to you that he does not take any part in your situation, that he treats you coldly, does not experience the same as you.

During pregnancy, a woman becomes irritable and can break down on loved ones for various trifles. This is due to hormonal changes in the woman's body, which adapts to a new position.

In addition to the feeling of cooling on the part of her husband, the woman also experiences fear that she no longer looks attractive to him, that his attitude towards her has changed. There may even be a strong resentment against your own husband. It must be remembered that for a man, his wife's pregnancy is also very stressful.

He is also overcome by various fears and doubts about whether he will be able to be a good father, behave correctly at birth. Every day he also closes in his thoughts. This problem needs to be solved together.

Of course, you can explain to your husband your own feelings about the fact that a new life is growing in you, but you yourself understand, he will not be able to understand this, but he will know that this is an amazing feeling and will respect you even more and treat you with more tenderness.

Instead of getting annoyed about any reason, it is better to sit next to your husband and talk to him about what worries you, what you don't like about his behavior. You also need to talk about the fear of failed parents together: you need to find out what each of you fears.

First of all, you yourself must support your husband, because men are weaker than women when it comes to things they do not understand. Men become like children because they don't know how to solve a problem they don't even understand.

You will see for yourself how much your relationship will change after you share your fears and experiences with each other, and for the rest of the time before the baby is born, you will always feel a strong male shoulder and love and affection from your husband next to you.

The main thing is that pregnancy will end with the birth of your baby, whom you will love, and all adversity will go away, and all worries and fears will be forgotten.

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