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The more original products are produced, the more counterfeits will occur. Large brands are forced to wage a fierce struggle against illegal copies of their goods, but buyers, no, no, but succumb to the temptation to buy a fake.

After all, it is "almost" like the real one, but it costs much less than the original. The authorities are trying to fight against such buyers, because their actions only stimulate fraudsters. For example, in New York they are going to pass a law according to which the purchase of a counterfeit item can face a fine or even a prison. Experts are hotly debating whether it will be possible to clear the market from fakes in the near future. We will tell you about the most frequently copied goods and things in the world.

Banknotes. They began to counterfeit money from the very moment they appeared. After the first banknotes were issued in 1694 in England, artists also joined the process. They copied the original banknotes by drawing copies of themselves. Unsurprisingly, states have tried to create sophisticated systems for protecting their bills. In January 2011, a report by the European Central Bank was released. It examined data on counterfeit euro banknotes that were discovered between June and December 2010. It turned out that most of all counterfeiters forged the 50 euro banknote. Almost every second counterfeit bill was of this value. The next most popular banknote is 20 euros, and then 100. However, European bankers were ready for such statistics. Moreover, for the first time in four years, the number of banknotes identified and in circulation has decreased. And only in Belgium there were twice as many such fakes. Experts note that counterfeiters have already successfully mastered the creation of watermarks, but it is difficult for them to find high-quality paper. Real banknotes are printed on linen and cotton fabrics impregnated with fat and glycerin. This enables the bill to successfully withstand multiple tears and folds. Counterfeit bills wear out quickly. The dollar has been the most counterfeit currency for more than half a century. Here, in 90% of cases, a $ 100 bill is forged. It is unrealistic to calculate the total number of counterfeit banknotes, since in some places they are generally created by conveyor.

Olympic symbols. The Olympics are the most popular and largest sports event in the world. Its symbolism is the most recognizable in the world. Emblems flaunt on toys and cups, clothes and shoes ... The Sochi Olympics will only take place in 2014, and products with the symbols of the games are already being counterfeited. It is not yet clear how much the original will cost, and a fake T-shirt with the Olympics emblem can already be purchased for 500 rubles. The number of counterfeit goods associated with Sochi 2014 is constantly growing. The Organizing Committee of the Games together with the Federal Antimonopoly Service in 2010 alone seized 72 thousand units of counterfeit Olympic products. It turned out that it is produced in Russia itself. Counterfeiting was carried out in 79 regions of the country, but the main flow came from abroad - from China, Kazakhstan and Turkey. At the same time, 70% of all Olympic counterfeit goods fell on clothing and footwear. Then souvenirs and children's toys were forged. Manufacturers are trying to provide buyers with maximum counterfeiting. For this, it was announced that the original items with the emblem of the Olympics can be bought only in the stores of the main sponsor - BoscoSport, starting from the summer of 2011. They will also be equipped with special holograms. And the authenticity of the purchased items can be checked using their barcode on a special website.

Zippo lighters. Every year in the American city of Bradford, about 12 million genuine lighters of this brand are produced. About the same number of counterfeits go on sale, according to the Zippo Manufacturing Company. They are mainly manufactured in factories in China. Today, you can buy fake lighters, called Rippo by the people, in almost every stall. The most common models are Solid Brass and Brushed Chrome. Their price does not exceed $ 2, while the original costs no less than 15. Real lighters can be bought at Distinguishing them from fakes is pretty easy. After all, the original always has a lifetime warranty from Zippo, which the counterfeit does not have. Such a step was invented in 1933, for that time it was a bold decision. However, the creator of Zippo lighters, George Blaisdell, ventured to announce a lifetime warranty for his new product and, as time has shown, he was right. This advertising gimmick still holds true - today, any Zippo lighter can be repaired for free, regardless of the year of manufacture. The company will repair or replace all necessary parts.

Cheese Emmentaler Switzerland. Banks, watches and cheese brought fame to Switzerland. The most famous dairy product in the country is Emmental. That is why it attracted the greatest interest from the manufacturers of counterfeit goods. If the original costs from $ 8 for a piece of 225 grams, then a fake will cost 2-3 times cheaper. Moreover, the name of the cheese is not a registered trademark, so it is made in different countries of the world. But the real Emmental is created only in the Swiss canton of Bern, in the Emme Valley. It uses old recipes from the 12th century. The cheese turns out to be hard and dotted with large holes. This product is made only from Alpine cows' milk, collected exclusively in spring or summer. First, cheese makers wait until the milk curdles, and then the resulting mass is rolled into heads. Further aging of the cheese lasts up to one and a half years. A fake contains thermally processed milk, it matures much faster - in just a couple of months. The cheese is officially registered under the name Emmentaler Switzerland. 3000 tons of counterfeits are created annually. These data are published by research experts from the Swiss institute Agroscore Liebefeld-Posieux. Since May 2011, this establishment has initiated checks on American and European sellers who offer low quality counterfeits under the Emmentaler Switzerland brand.

Louis Vuitton bags. Counterfeits also include fashion accessories. Among them, the most common models are Louis Vuitton Speedy and Louis Vuitton Alma. Unofficial statistics say that only 1% of the total volume of products decorated with the brand letters "LV" is real. The manufacturer itself spends 15 million euros annually on the fight against counterfeit manufacturers. The company even has its own department for the protection of intellectual property rights, according to his information, in 2008 8228 raids were carried out in search of fake products, the next year there were already 9000 of them. If the original costs 650 dollars, then a fake bag can be bought for less than 100. A fake one. hundreds of tons of products are produced; even celebrities are not protected from the risk of acquiring a fake. Once at one of the social events Victoria Beckham appeared with a fake Louis Vuitton. This was noticed by the brand's creative director, Marc Jacobs, who sent the original model to the star. The gift was accompanied by the words: "Honey, we must keep the brand." Jacobs is generally famous for his outstanding proposals to combat counterfeiting. So, in 2009, during an exhibition of the artist Takashi Murakami in Los Angeles, real bags could be purchased at street stalls next to counterfeits. True, they cost not $ 100, but 40-50 times more.

UGG shoes. A few years ago, boots from the Australian manufacturer UGG burst into world fashion. Since then, the number of fakes of the Classic Mini and Classic Short models has only grown. The brand is forced not only to create new models and open its own stores all over the world, but also to conduct an active campaign against manufacturers of counterfeit products. In March 1995, UGG was acquired by Deckers Outdoor Corporation. She presented a report on the number of counterfeits in 2010. It turned out that the largest batch of a quarter of a million pairs of different colors and sizes was seized in China. And in Europe the number of counterfeit goods is growing, as compared to 2009, the number of confiscated counterfeits has grown 2.5 times. The owners were able to close 4,783 sites that sold fakes, more than 300,000 advertisements for the sale of copies of felt boots were removed from Ebay and Amazon. After all, if the original in company stores costs from $ 120 (for the simplest short felt boots), then a fake could be purchased three times cheaper. The UGG brand faced another problem - copying its official website. There are clones with similar designs, but offering much lower prices.

Rolex watches. Each year, Rolex produces about a million of its wristwatches. They have long become a symbol of wealth and high status. Each watch receives a special certificate from the Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. More than 40 million fakes are produced every year in clandestine factories in Southeast Asia. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual and Rolex Daytona models are especially fond of scammers. Such statistics are provided by the Swiss Customs Service resource. The damage to the brand is huge - more than $ 600 million a year. Although the original costs at least $ 4,000, you can buy fake watches from street vendors for up to 10. Numerous Internet sites offer the latest Rolex models for $ 50-60.

Chanel perfume №5. According to legend, once Coco Chanel met a former court perfumer of the Russian royal family. The designer asked Ernest Beau to create a new scent that would smell like a woman. Soon, the perfumer provided Chanel with ten fragrances, of which she chose the fifth. This is how the perfume got its legendary name Chanel №5. Today this fragrance is over 90 years old, but still very popular. So, according to polls, perfumes took first place in France and fourth in America. Such a high and sustained interest in perfumes has given rise to a large number of fakes. The British Anti-Counterfeiting Group claims that one in three buyers of this fragrance purchases counterfeit products. Fake samples are not only sold on the streets, they have even made their way onto the counters of major cosmetics stores. Buyers are attracted by the low cost of perfume, which is usually $ 20-30. The original perfume costs at least $ 100.

IPhone phone. Even among the wide variety of phones, counterfeits existed. So, the Chinese craftsmen released the Nokla brand, which in appearance and its logo was very reminiscent of the Finnish Nokia. In 2007, the world saw a unique creation of Apple - the iPhone. Its release was a real revolution. Full touch control of the device and original design caused a stir and queues for the phone. The fraudsters could not help reacting to this phenomenon. There are many phones that mimic the look of an Apple product. Naturally, the device itself did not have the same characteristics or a similar screen. And the camera turned out to be much worse than the declared one. The market saw numerous SciPhone, clPhone, iPhone 9+, iPhone F003. With the expansion of the line of Apple phones, the number of counterfeits only grew. It even got to the point that copies of the iPhone began to be sold in China, six months before its official birth. Local manufacturers came up with the device only based on fragmentary information from Apple about what the new product will be. In hopes of realizing their fakes, the Chinese equip them with additional capabilities compared to the original - FM and TV tuners, the ability to work with two SIM cards. If the price of an original device of the latest generation is at least $ 600, then Chinese fakes can usually be bought for $ 100.

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