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The Tikhonovichs are practical and energetic men. They immediately show efficiency and decency, it is immediately clear that these men are masters of their word and do not like to chat in vain.

The owners of this middle name are smart, they often devote themselves to entrepreneurship. The Tikhonovichs cannot live in uncomfortable conditions, so they try to provide themselves and their families with decent conditions as soon as possible.

At the same time, these men are ready not to sleep at night, giving all the best for 200%. These men cannot do something by half, so they become professionals in their work, achieving significant posts.

For them, the words family and friends are not an empty phrase, so the Tikhonovichs will drop everything and come to the rescue if they are called, but they will hardly help outsiders. Such men have few friends, since there are no random people among them.

The owners of this patronymic, not shy, quickly converge with women. However, in the matter of choice, spouses are very careful.

In marriage, the Tikhonovichs show themselves as economic and zealous owners, who value their family and children. For such men, the best vacation is in nature or among invited friends.

These women love to show with all their appearance that they know their worth, they are proud and do not give in to the influence of other people. It is impossible to force Tikhonovna to do something against her will.

The owners of this middle name constantly need increased attention around their person, surrounded by people who listen to them and admire them.

These women have a absurd character, so it costs them nothing to make a scandal out of the blue, they themselves are not punctual and unnecessary. Although their harshness passes very quickly, since they are kind and easy-going by nature, do not expect them to be the first to come to terms with you.

The owners of this patronymic are not the best workers. In the event that the work is not to their liking, they are able to completely abandon it.

These women have musical talents, sing well, know how to draw, therefore they often realize themselves in art.

The Tikhonovs love to spend time at parties, where, dressing traditionally for themselves brightly, they win the hearts of numerous fans.

However, these women get married rather late, because they put forward serious demands on their chosen one.

Although the Tikhonovs love to cook, in general, the household is not their element. They prefer to spend their leisure time among cheerful companies, while at home they will gladly honor or play with animals that they love very much.

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