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Vikentievichi give the impression of unbalanced people, prone to quarrels, conflicts. It is easy to piss them off, and in this case expect a noisy showdown, although in a calm state these are the nicest interlocutors.

The Vikentievichs are simply obsessed with cleanliness, they themselves pay great attention to it and are quite demanding in this regard to others.

These men cannot be called talented, they take with hard work, commitment and diligence.

The Vikentievichs do not have a career "vein", they are calm about the slow promotion of the career ladder and do not weave intrigues, but this does not apply to those who were born in the spring.

Often they have bad habits, but they justify and deceive themselves by the fact that it costs them nothing to give up all at once overnight.

Vikentievichs have a hard time changing places and lifestyle, they like to relax at home, read a lot, adore intellectual games.

They rarely get married, among them there are a large number of convinced bachelors, although they are successful with women due to their eloquence.

Vikentievichs are not at all economic, they are not sentimental towards children, although sometimes they are able to surprise their wife with a culinary masterpiece.

These women are distinguished by their vitality, energy, they are purposeful, active and full of strength. At work, they stand out for their professionalism, diligence, they often use non-standard methods of solving problems.

Vikentievna pleasant interlocutors, you can always expect that they will listen to you, try to understand what naturally evokes sympathy and respect from colleagues and friends.

Sometimes it seems that these women are of little importance to the attention of the opposite sex, but this is not so, it is just that Vikentievna see more friends in men than a potential spouse. Therefore, in family life, they cannot be called successful, especially since work takes up most of the time and effort.

Divorce for these women is usually not a shock, after which their life continues in the same vein - raising children, cultural life, interesting companies.

The Vikentievna generally like to diversify their vacation - today it is a party, tomorrow - a trip to nature with friends, the day after tomorrow - creative solitude, poetry ...

Among the hobbies, photography and love for animals stand out, although they are prevented from surrounding themselves with favorites by the constant absence of home.

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