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Meaning of the name

Paul, a derivative from the Latin word "paulus" - "small".


As a child, Paul is kindness and compassion itself. A kind, sensitive, obedient child, the first helper in the family. With age, Paul "grows" with courage, and the kindness and responsiveness in his heart only strengthens.

Pavel is calm, in any situation he controls himself. A philosopher by nature, Paul is looking for a profession to match himself. He always does the work on time and in full, although from the outside it sometimes seems that Pavel is napping at work, or is dreaming. Paul is always ready to help and support, will give good advice.

Pavel can hardly be called a "bright personality", but he has many friends, and women love him for his kindness, sincerity, kind humor and ability to listen. Pavel is reliable in friendship and family life.

Pavel marries for love. The wife leads the family. Pavel is a good family man - an excellent husband and an exemplary father. He does his homework with gusto, is engaged in raising children.

Pavel prefers quiet family celebrations to stormy holidays. He practically does not drink alcohol. Pavel loves to dress beautifully, he has impeccable taste. Pavel is a careerist, but he will never set the bar too high.


In his youth, Paul leads a promiscuous sex life. But at some point, having received a negative experience, Paul becomes more choosy in connections. Paul needs understanding, sensitivity. He needs a partner who can guess his secret desires and forgive "punctures".

Pavel is vulnerable in sex and has several inferiority complexes. But at the same time, Paul is a gentle and generous lover. With good intuition, he almost always infallibly determines whether a woman will reject him or not. Paul is jealous, but it is quiet jealousy that can bring him to neurosis.

Pavel is an esthete. For him, the setting in which the date with the lady of his heart takes place is important: candles, flowers, romantic music. Pavel is gentle and affectionate, he is an opponent of rough sex, porn shocks him.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, Leo, Gemini.


The sound of the name Paul gives the impression of something quiet.

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