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Men with a patronymic Mikhailovich are distinguished by the fact that they are mostly people who succumb to other people's influence and are able to change their minds depending on the situation.

Such complaisance does not always play into their hands, although it does not prevent them from having many friends who value attention, responsiveness and the ability to give practical advice in Mikhailovich.

At the same time, by nature, they are intelligent, capable of analytically thinking men, who can also cheat at a convenient moment. People of this kind try to act deliberately, and not rush headlong into a new, yet unfamiliar job.

Often, Mikhailovichs grow up to leadership positions, since they are able to make competent and correct decisions, and these qualities are very important for the bosses. Caution and perspicacity are other distinctive traits of the Mikhailovich's character.

As for free time, here preferences are given to rest with close and interesting people, noisy feasts or family tea parties, simple communication means a lot for men with the patronymic Mikhailovich.

Women are pleased to be in the company of such gentlemen, however, by marrying these men turn out to be loyal and devoted husbands and caring family men.

Calmness, complaisance and even some pliability - these are the main character traits of women with the patronymic Mikhailovna. They are tolerant of other people, always approach other people's problems with kindness, understanding and care.

Such women are full of inner silence, next to them anyone can calm down and feel peaceful. Conflicts, disputes and noisy feasts - all this is not for women like Mikhailovna.

In their work, they show themselves to be accurate, capable and responsible people, you can rely on them, entrust a fairly serious work and at the same time be sure that everything will be done in the best possible way and on time.

Family life is rarely successful, since the Mikhailovna love their parents very much, take care of them, but sometimes they cannot break away and start living independently.

In everyday life, these are hospitable and cordial hostesses, it is pleasant to come to them for a cup of tea and plunge into home comfort and warmth.

Perhaps excessive caution and self-criticism prevent these women from getting married, because they are outwardly attractive, intelligent and interesting persons, men reach out to them, but something prevents them from taking a responsible step.

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