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Men with such a middle name are distinguished by a calm character. Natanovichs love balance in everything - in the family and at work. They do not create conflicts and try to avoid them themselves.

Natanovichs, born in summer, are too soft, moving away from the hectic life around them. These men have an excellent memory, they like to read a lot.

Such men are taciturn, but excellent listeners, in case they come across a fascinating interlocutor. They are excellent workers, executive and proactive, who love to think carefully and prepare every step they take.

"Winter" Natanovichs are more persistent in achieving goals, calculating, preferring actions to words. They are pragmatists and materialists. They will not hover in the clouds, missing out on their own benefits.

The Natanovichs are characterized by the gift of persuasion and diplomacy; they solve conflicts with words, and not by force. Such men converge with people quickly, and parting is difficult for them.

In a family, these men will never become "henpecked", knowing their worth and their responsibilities. Natanovichs are good hosts and wonderful fathers. They love to relax in nature, preferring not to leave their home for a long time.

The main character trait of these women is their impulsiveness, which she shows on minor occasions. In general, Natanovna is very kind and sincere women.

They are very purposeful, ready to overcome any obstacles in their path. For them, there are no authorities and axioms. These are women with developed intuition, well versed in people.

Nathanovs are very well-read and erudite, which they use with success in life. It's hard to catch them off guard with an unexpected question.

The owners of such a middle name have good taste, they always dress brightly and interestingly. These women with an easy character, cannot be angry with their offenders for a long time and do not like grumpy people.

The main thing in Natanovna's life is her family. Despite their amorousness, these women stick to their relationship, even if they have exhausted themselves.

She is an excellent housewife, and she keeps herself and her husband on an equal footing, not allowing herself to be belittled, so she often even works with her husband in the same area. They treat their children strictly, practically not allowing them pranks.

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