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Men with the patronymic Iosifovich have a very complex character. It is extremely difficult to communicate with such a person. He is extremely distrustful of all people, he sees only negative in everything.

When meeting new people, he is very careful, hardly makes contact. In the company of friends and acquaintances, and even more so colleagues, this is not the most welcome guest.

At the same time, he is very calculating, he will calculate everything to the smallest detail before committing any act. Iosifovich is also distinguished by a not very good character trait - they are very stubborn.

In family life, they are not leaders. His wife keeps him on a short leash. He is very squeamish, not every house will eat.

Iosifovichi born in summer are distinguished by spinelessness, softness. Due to their indecision, they do not marry for a long time. These are very vulnerable people.

They approach the choice of a profession with all seriousness, they are not even satisfied with a well-paid job, if they have to go on a business trip there, to break loose from a warm, long-lived nest.

Iosifovich, born in November, is a realist, he does not believe in any horoscopes. These people are prudent enough, they are scrupulous about all financial transactions. They are very proud people by nature. They are accustomed to independence from a young age.

Iosifovichi are talented in many areas, for everything that they undertake they succeed. A distinctive feature is increased efficiency, they can work day and night, not noticing fatigue. These people are very well-read, erudite in many fields of science, books for them are the main spiritual food.

These women have a difficult and unyielding character. Communication with this woman usually does not drag out for a long time, pressing problems are solved and that's it.

Iosifovna are extremely distrustful of people, suspecting them of an unkind attitude towards themselves. These women are distinguished by extreme prudence, surprises do not happen in her life, since she knows in advance what will happen to her and how to react to this or that event.

At work, this is a good employee striving for career growth. Iosifovna will do everything to achieve her goals, she will not disdain even "dirty" tricks.

But they are very hard-working and executive, they prefer to communicate with colleagues exclusively for work, they do not like corporate events.

They prefer to get married by calculation, although later, they may begin to have tender feelings for their spouse. In the family, this woman prefers to occupy a leading position. Iosifovna are good housewives, whose houses are always in order, the dishes are washed and a delicious dinner is prepared.

They are wonderful mothers. The owners of this patronymic are usually not prone to betrayal, but, in the case of great love, they can go against themselves and, leaving everything behind, surrender to passion.

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