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Germanovich people are people with great vitality, they are very athletic, mobile. It is very easy to piss them off and provoke a conflict.

The Germanovichs walk away from the quarrels they have suffered for a long time, keep grievances and claims in themselves. It happens that they act in revenge for long-standing, already forgotten by all grievances.

These are people who are difficult in everyday life, but irreplaceable in their work. Germanovichs are easily guided when making quick and difficult decisions, they are not afraid to take responsibility for themselves.

At work, it's like other people - business, calm, tactful. Of course, it is not easy for them to restrain themselves, but the Germanovichs understand that personal aspects only interfere in the matter.

These men are quite sociable, but rarely are they allowed to cross a certain circle of trust outlined by them, which is why the Germanovichs have few real friends. Their colleagues respect them, which makes them proud.

Often, the owners of this patronymic remain alone for a while, but this does not at all weigh them down. Germanovichi easily fill their leisure with reading, sports, fishing, walking. Animals often become their friends.

These men pay very little attention to women, so they get married late, and their marriage is usually the only one.

In family life, these are demanding of a partner, eternally dissatisfied, jealous and picky men, and at the same time they are absolutely unprofitable.

The family in general for the Germanovichs is by no means in the first place, their marriages often break up due to the fact that they pay more attention to work than to family.

These women are easily successful in the leadership arena. This is a consequence of their determination, strong-willed character, high professionalism. True, in their careerism, the Germanovs often do not choose the means and use disputable methods and techniques. These are bosses demanding to themselves and to subordinates.

The owners of this middle name are smart, they know the value of themselves and their abilities, but they try not to emphasize their superiority.

The Germanovs are quite sociable, they easily get to know people, but at the same time they do not let strangers into their souls too deeply.

These are big women of fashion, in other women they are often seen as rivals, they are even able to beat off a man they like.

They prefer to get married by calculation, believing that love will somehow follow and, if their chosen one is smart enough and patient, then this often happens.

The Germanovna are very kind to their children. Seemingly unheard of business - many of them even leave lucrative jobs, devoting themselves to raising children.

They are very good housewives, prudent, economical, but at the same time not stingy at all. In terms of putting things in order, houses are fanatical, cleaning them can take long after midnight. They love gardening and growing flowers.

In general, in the family these are completely different women, coming home from work, they seem to be transformed, becoming softer, kinder, more attentive.

They prefer to spend their holidays without large companies, often even alone.

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