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They are very kind and sociable men. The Georgievichs have a very strong spiritual connection with their parents, especially with their mother. Often they take care and help their parents until old age, being themselves in old age, with a large family.

Georgievichs are real sympathetic friends, you can safely turn to them for help at any time of the day or night, and they, without hesitation, will help you with deeds and advice.

The main enemy of the owners of this patronymic is their incontinence and hot temper. Despite the fact that they themselves quickly move away from a hot situation, in a fit of anger, they can break wood, utter offensive and unnecessary words and even start a fight.

In a calm state, the Georgievichs are good at analyzing the situation, easily make the right decisions, confidently start and finish difficult cases.

As a husband, this is not a man, but just a find, loves to tinker with tools at home, constantly makes something. Such a spouse is the pride of any woman, and, although there are many women hovering around him, he prefers not to exchange, but to give himself to his One.

He loves children and his relatives in general, loves to organize noisy feasts, do not be surprised if Georgievich considers it natural to invite a second cousin in-law from his first wife's cousin - a relative after all!

These are calm and self-confident women, they usually cannot be called a "volcano of passions". Usually, the owners of this middle name have such beauty - calm, not flashy and not vulgar. This imperceptibly attracts men, Georgievna rarely remains without admirers, male attention in general.

However, marriage is not for these women, they decide for a long time to marry, and, having tied themselves with these ties, do not seek to prove themselves as a mistress. Georgievna believes that since she washes (or cleans, prepares - choose one), then this is quite enough for her, as for a wife. She can safely shift her work to her mother-in-law or mother, having invited him to live for a week or two.

Themselves like to spend time in large and noisy companies, having fun and spending time for their own pleasure, which, you see, is somewhat selfish. They will happily spend their vacation away from home, leaving the household and the planned renovation. For such women, planning and commitment are not in vogue, they are generally somewhat disorderly.

Georgievna value their own coziness and comfort above all else, so they will prefer to get away from a sore and problematic topic, citing busyness, headache, earthquake in Algeria - whatever!

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