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Men with the patronymic Anisimovich are open, polite, delicate people. They respect others, always reckon with other people's opinions and never impose their own.

It's nice to communicate with them, because the Anisimovichs, in addition to being excellent storytellers themselves, are also able to listen and never remain indifferent to someone else's misfortune or joy.

They are disinterested, benevolent, sympathetic people, for which they are appreciated and respected by everyone, without exception. However, despite such a kind disposition, life does not spoil these men, they have to achieve everything exclusively with their work and diligence. True, they are not used to complaining about troubles and overcome difficulties themselves, without burdening anyone.

The Anisimovichs are persistent in all matters and, on top of that, are smart and, as a rule, talented, so at work they do not know any serious problems, but they do not strive for career heights either. But if they are put on a leading position, then they make reasonable, patient and fair bosses.

In their free time, Anisimovichs prefer meeting friends, traveling out of town, or can relax lying in front of the TV, watching a favorite movie or reading a book.

They have many friends and they part with a bachelor life reluctantly and rather late.

The first marriage does not always turn out to be successful, but even after the divorce, the Anisimovichs maintain good relations with their ex-wife. Children, even after a divorce, are never abandoned, but they sincerely care for them and help in everything.

Those women, whose patronymic is Anisimovna, are distinguished by a calm, docile nature. They are modest, at times, shy, do not like to brag and flaunt their dignity. And they have many advantages.

These are interesting, deep and intelligent natures, possessing a number of talents and subtly feeling the human soul, at the same time they are beautiful women, not deprived of male attention. In their company, anyone will feel at ease and at ease, will always find support and consolation.

In relation to people, Anisimovna often rely on their intuition, but that often fails them, because of which they have to suffer.

As for work, here we can note the utmost accuracy, diligence and perseverance, Anisimovna's approach to any business is responsible and serious. And while they don't always strive for career heights, their approach to work often helps them to achieve leadership positions.

However, Anisimovna's soul lies with home and family. Here she shows herself as a wonderful and hospitable hostess who does everything in time, cooks perfectly and does amazingly handicrafts.

The husbands of these women are endlessly happy, and the children are proud of their mother, and, despite the difficulties that occur in family life, the Anisimovna will never leave their family, but will do everything to save it.

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