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These men are distinguished by great vitality. They can be recognized by their great mobility, activity. Antonovichs do not shun any work, they are persistent in achieving results.

"Honest word" is not an empty word for them, so they prefer not to throw words down the drain, and want to see the same attitude from their loved ones. To their credit, it should be noted that the Antonovichs are quite critical and objective not only towards others, but also towards themselves. They prefer to draw conclusions on the actions of people only after balanced reasoning.

When choosing a job, they prefer places where technical skills are required. The Antonovichs have "golden" hands, this greatly helps them to reach the heights not through intrigue, but precisely through their own talents. Their energy, perseverance and stubbornness allows them to achieve success in the mainstream of sports.

Antonovichs are quite sociable people, they love feasts, which, given the addiction to alcohol, can have a detrimental effect on them. However, they know the measure of spending, sometimes they are even considered stingy, although this is not stinginess, but simply frugality.

In family life, they prefer to spend more time at home, with their wife and children, than on business trips or joint travel.

Antonovna are women with a soft, quiet, kind-hearted character. Responsive - they will never pass by someone else's misfortune, they will always be able to sympathize and support in difficult times. They try to avoid conflicts and quarrels and they themselves go towards the offender, trying not to go over to a showdown.

But with all this, these are by no means "gray mice", men always pay attention to such women, seeing in them a hidden sensuality and emotionality.

It should be said that Antonovna are hardworking and responsible people, they always give their best in their work, for which they are appreciated and respected in the team.

In family life, they are sometimes unlucky. As a rule, Antonovna marry for love, but after that they are disappointed in their chosen one.

The first marriage is not always successful, however, due to their docile and calm nature, they cannot decide on a divorce and prefer to endure grievances in silence. Therefore, these women find consolation in household chores, they cook amazingly, know how to sew, knit, embroider, always manage to take care of children, surround them with affection and care. It is difficult for them to find equals in housekeeping.

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