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These are sensual people with a rich imagination. They often live in their dreams, imagining themselves in different places, roles. And Aleksandrovich is offended when someone tries to lower them to the ground. Despite their suspiciousness and vulnerability, these men are not vindictive, they know how to forgive without leaving bad memories in their souls.

From childhood they are very loved by their parents, especially by the mother. Sometimes this leads to their spoiledness, a kind of laziness. But if the Aleksandrovichs overcome her, using their natural talent, then they can achieve great success in their careers. Defending their interests, these men love to argue.

The Aleksandrovichs have few truly close friends, but they are 100 percent confident in the few who are near them. The fact is that such men are critical of themselves and those around them. They love to be in the spotlight, while acting in such a way that others just think of them as selfish.

Alexandrovichs cannot be called favorites of women, they marry late. But in it the Alexandrovichs are happy. Wives love them for their housekeeping, for their love for children.

The women, whose fathers were named Alexander, are closely related to his character. They are active, they cannot sit idly by. Having received any task, they immediately strive to start performing it. The Alexandrovna are quite stubborn and obstinate, having made their own decision, they are not going to change it, without taking anybody's advice.

In their youth they are prone to romanticism, write poetry, try their hand at prose.

Alexandrovna can often be found in the company of male friends. They often have more male friends than female friends. But usually these relationships remain only friendly.

For such women, early marriages are characteristic. For them, this is one of the attempts to make the first serious decision on their own. But often they do not find happiness in such a marriage, and after a divorce they cannot find a husband for a long time, often remaining alone.

Children, friends and work completely replace her full-fledged family. So terrible loneliness never threatens them, there will always be someone who will gladly go with Alexandrovna for a walk or a theater.

In general, they like to have a cultural rest, a sofa and homebody is not for them, it is better to visit a new exhibition or performance. It's interesting with them, because these women are fascinating storytellers.

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