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It's no secret that the more interesting the main idea of ​​the bar or the more original its surroundings, the more people this establishment will attract. Of course, in the history of creating unusual bars, there are also sad cases when the desire to be "exceptional" led to the fact that the idea did not attract, but even scared away all visitors.

Not every potential client wants to have a cocktail or two in the company of doctors and their frightening tools, or together with aliens. If you decide to visit the most unusual bar in the world, then you can choose one from our list.

Bar at the HR Giger Museum (Gruyeres, Switzerland). In the eightieth year of the twentieth century, the film "Alien" became a sensation, it more than deservedly received an Oscar in the nomination "Best Visual Effects". Eighteen years after those events in Switzerland, in the small town of Gruyeres, a museum opens. Even in our turbulent times, it can be safely called one of the most unusual. Behind all this is the well-known Swiss artist Hans Rudolf Giger, or simply HR Giger. His most famous work is the work on the movie "Alien" by Ridley Scott, namely the artistic atmosphere of the film. The Giger Museum exhibits not only his best works, but also the works of other creators, executed in the style of fantastic realism that unites them. But of all the artist's projects, the most stunning is the HR Giger Bar, which opened at the museum in 2003. The bar will leave an unforgettable experience for anyone who gets there. After all, not every day it is possible to get on an alien ship, so striking and so realistic. Here, every little thing creates a sense of the presence of an alien mind. And the bar itself, as a whole, makes the visitor believe that he really is inside a long-ago ossified animal. And how not to have a drink if you suddenly found yourself in a completely unfamiliar and alien world?

Brandy Library (New York, USA). New York has it all: many different boutiques, museums, parks and, of course, bars. Everyone will be able to choose an institution "to taste" - something vintage or ultra-modern, located somewhere in the basement, underground, or at the top of a bird's eye view. It would seem that here can really surprise? Moreover, the New York bar industry in all its diversity exists without fail in a complex, develops like a mosaic, where each particle complements the other. And one of the most intriguing parts is definitely the Brandy Library. The name speaks for itself - the bar really looks like a real library, but instead of books on the shelves there is an amazing collection of all kinds of brandy, cognac, rum, whiskey and liqueur. There are about a thousand items in total. But even sophisticated tasters can be surprised by this bar - after all, the restaurant's inventory also contains unique items, for example, Pierre Ferrand Cognac from 1914 or Armagnac Lagarde from 1900. The assortment is so diverse that it will be quite difficult to make a choice quickly and without hesitation. However, this is a library, which means that there are employees, connoisseurs of "books", ready to come to the rescue at any moment. An integral part of such an elegant atmosphere are jazz evenings, which take visitors to a completely different time - the time of old New York.

Woody baobab bar (Limpopo province, South Africa). According to the indigenous people of southern Africa, thousands of legends are associated with baobabs. In particular, the Bushmen believe that God was offended by the baobab, for which the latter grows with its roots up to this day. However, it is these trees that can live, and they live for many hundreds of years, expanding in breadth by tens of meters. The Limpopo province of South Africa is famous for the existence of the widest of the baobabs in the world - the Big Baobab. The huge tree has seen a lot in its life - after all, its age is about 6000 years. During this time, the baobab stretched 47 meters in diameter and stretched 27 meters up. The Big Baobab has a crevice in which a bar with 60 "seats" is located. Such a bar was created by the entrepreneur Van Herdens. The woody baobab bar with open branches received its first guests in 1993. Today the bar has existed for almost 20 years. This certainly suggests that the institution was able to find its regular customers. The assortment of drinks is small, but the main one is cool beer. Still, the main trump card of the bar is the constant temperature of 22 degrees, which is quite attractive for the hottest continent on Earth.

Faraday Bar (Antarctica). The scientific station "Academician Vernadsky" operates on Galintes Island in Antarctica. There are not many polar explorers there - according to various sources, the number of people in the group ranges from 11 to 15 people, about 65-70% of whom are scientists. But this station is known all over the world not only due to its scientific discoveries. After all, this is where the Faraday bar is located, the most inaccessible drinking establishment on the edge of the Earth. It bears the name of the famous physicist who discovered the laws of electrolysis in the nineteenth century. They were subsequently named after this scientist. The name of the bar is not surprising, because until 1996 the station belonged to England, and began its work back in the 50s of the last century. Faraday is deservedly one of the main attractions of the continent, just like the penguins and icebergs. Moreover, almost all excursion tours that in one way or another affect the vicinity of the scientific station include a visit to this institution in their program. The bar itself is small, lined with wood from the inside. It also has a photo gallery showing scientific expeditions to these places. Although the bar contains a rather modest assortment of various drinks, there is simply no alternative for many hundreds of kilometers. This is what the institution attracts its guests with.

Bar Clinic (Singapore). Clinic Bar is located in Singapore, in the area of ​​shopping centers and all kinds of entertainment venues. The bar's architect is Damien Hirst, an English painter. Death is a central theme in his work. The hospital atmosphere is not to everyone's taste. Therefore, not every potential visitor passing by will like such a bar. The Clinic Bar doesn't just look like a hospital. This is a concentrate of "hospital" topics. The entrance is already shocking, which very much resembles a morgue. And the halls look like pills in shape. The seats at the tables are too similar to the standard hospital wards; those who wish can easily find a bed there to their liking. There are no seats here; instead, there are golden wheelchairs. The staff should be especially noted - they are all dressed in the real uniform of a medical worker. Drinks are served to customers in test tubes, droppers or flasks, and food is served in special "medical" plates. Visitors can sit in a wheelchair, lie like a corpse under white sheets, or dance in the Morphine Nightclub, taking off on a capsule-shaped dance floor.

House of the Hobbits Bar (Manila, Philippines). In 2001, there were huge queues at all cinemas in all cities of the world - the first part of the trilogy, directed by Peter Jackson, based on the novel by Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings", was released. The picture received 4 Oscars and 68 other awards. Today, few people are not familiar with this work - be it a film or a book. And fans of Tolkien's work appeared much earlier. To the delight of many of them, the Hobbit House Bar has existed in the world since 1973. Its creator is Professor Jim Turner, a former Peace Corps volunteer. The main requirement for the bar was that its staff were represented exclusively by "little people", similar to hobbits. Despite the fact that the institution moved frequently, the original idea was constantly brought to life. Before entering the bar, visitors must pass through a round fairytale door. Inside the bar, the walls are adorned with paintings from Tolkien's books. And, of course, the same "hobbits" serve the guests. The menu and the alcoholic list contain quite a lot of different positions; there is also music for almost every taste. The House of Hobbits bar-restaurant is very cozy, but this is not especially valuable. Jim Turner, in addition to creating an excellent bar, was able to bring his main idea to life - “little people” work in his bar. Thanks to the professor, they were able to realize themselves. Moreover, some "hobbits" have been working in the bar since its inception.

Sean's Bar (Dublin, Ireland). If you ever walk in the Dublin county town, Sean's Bar is worth a look. Let it not be scary by the fact that it does not differ in any way from other pubs and bars so traditional for Ireland. But, as they say, the first impression is often false, and you should not judge anything by mere appearance. Once inside the establishment, you will certainly pay attention to the Guinness Book of Records certificate confirming that this is not just a pub. This bar is the oldest establishment not only in Ireland, but throughout Europe. And maybe even in the world? In the 70th year of the twentieth century, the pub building was reconstructed. It was then that it was revealed that there is an ancient masonry in the walls of the bar. Archaeologists date it back to the early tenth century, when Dublin was the stronghold of a small Viking kingdom. Within the walls of "Sean's Bar" people drank 11 centuries ago. The very realization of this fact of the long history of the pub makes this place special. Otherwise, Sean's Bar is a traditional pub with fun feasts and music, in which, even after a thousand years, beer is the most popular drink.

Bar in the Celica hostel (Ljubljana, Slovenia). In 1882 a building was built, which today houses the Celica Hotel. However, in those years it was a military prison of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and it served as such for over a century. But time passes and everything changes. In 1991-1992, after the collapse of Yugoslavia, the building, which still reminded of the sad events, was subject to demolition. Only in this way he was not destined to be erased from the face of the Earth. More than two hundred people stood up for the house, they even received permission from the city authorities for reconstruction. For ten years, many people have worked hard to renovate this building. Thanks to eighty different artists (both Slovenian and foreign), by 2003 it acquired not only a new appearance, but also a completely new life. The former prison cells have now been transformed into cozy rooms. There are no two identical rooms in the hotel, moreover, the rooms are decorated by completely different artists. Old bars remain on the windows and in the rooms. However, now this is not an obstacle to the longed-for freedom, but a stylish decor element. A modern bar was created in the courtyard. In order to achieve better contrast, they decided to move this drinking establishment outside the building, and the idea was crowned with success.

Lagoon Bar (Iceland). The Blue Lagoon is located in the southwestern part of Iceland, on the Reykjanes Peninsula. It is formed mainly from porous lava. Sea water can easily pass through the lagoon. Therefore, deep underground reservoirs are formed here, filled with sea geothermal hot water. Thanks to absolutely natural processes, a real miracle of nature, known throughout the world, was formed. Not surprisingly, it is the Blue Lagoon that has long been the most valuable attraction in Iceland. And all thanks to the hot milky blue waters, known all over the world for their healing properties and unique chemical composition. Not only those who need to improve their health, but also those who want to relax or just relax in a pleasant atmosphere, strive for magical springs from all over the world. There is also a Lagoon Bar in the Blue Lagoon, which is the most conducive to a good pastime. In addition, the bar will be happy to serve clients engaged in water treatments. The cocktail menu of the bar offers a varied assortment of soft drinks, including signature cocktails "Blue Lagoon" and "Energy Blast". This is especially valuable considering the fact that even in winter the water temperature here is about forty degrees.

Das Klo Bar (Berlin, Germany). Bar "Das Klo" is unique for one name, translated from German it means "toilet". The most interesting thing is that this name is fully justified. Toilets have been installed instead of chairs, and toilet paper has easily replaced napkins. Even cooked dishes are served in real "night vases", and beer - in special beakers to collect urine. "Seats" on toilets, brushes and other charming attributes of the toilet room are quite logical elements of decor. Visitors do not leave the feeling that they have really got to the toilet. Indeed, the bar itself is very crowded, which, again, perfectly complements the atmosphere of the institution. Only, unlike the toilet, there are a lot of people here. Despite its flavor, the bar has remained popular for over 40 years. Located in the very center of Berlin, the establishment rightfully sets prices higher than in other bars. It is worth noting that there were two more similar bars in the city earlier, but they all closed over time. Apparently, only one bar can withstand the concept of the “toilet” style, and that is the now local legend “Das Klo Bar”.

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