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To equalize all peoples and make them faceless, it is enough to simply take and deprive all people of their national traditions. It turns out that all people are essentially the same - from love of spectacles to pagan, literally suspiciousness.

Also, people are well trained by advertising, as evidenced, for example, by the victorious march of Santa Claus around the world. But the difference of people around the world has given rise to a large number of amazing New Year traditions, which we will tell you about.

Australia is as hot on New Years as it is on May Day. Summer reigns here, so everyone who can get out into nature to have fun, swim and just drink there. Revelers zealously attack local beaches. Those who do not want to go to the ocean have picnics in nature, preparing barbecues. Bells start ringing in cities at midnight, and car horns pierce beaches and groves. In Australia, you can easily see Santa in scarlet swimming trunks, moving from one island of fun to another.

In France, it is customary to prepare a royal pie for the New Year. Our analogue can be considered a happy dumpling with a coin inside. Inside the festive dish, French women put a small figurine of the king before baking. However, the hosts often prefer not to risk their guests' teeth, so they simply "crown" the cake with a souvenir paper crown.

The British and Scots follow the ancient tradition of the "first leg", which the Celts grafted into them fifteen hundred years ago. According to her, in the new year, prosperity and happiness will accompany those whose threshold will be the first to cross a young charming man, while it is desirable that he be a brunette. There must be money in his pockets, and the obligatory gentleman's set must include salt, coal and bread. It is advisable to bring whiskey with you. So young, dark-haired handsome men have to be very comfortable in small English towns at this time. It remains only not to overeat the abundant treats that await in every home. There is also a custom to let in the New Year. When the clock strikes 12, the British open the back door to release the Old Year, and with the last blow, the front door opens in order to let the New Year in.

In Scotland, New Year is also called Hogmaney. On this day, according to custom, barrels of tar are set on fire and rolled along the streets, thus burning the Old Year and inviting the New. A generous New Year's treat is generally inherent in all the peoples of Britain. It was believed that an abundance of food and drink on this day will provide abundance for the entire next year. Traditional dishes here are puddings, oatmeal, shortbread pies and of course punch.

In Spain and Cuba there is a sacred tradition - to eat 12 grapes for the New Year, exactly according to the number of the month. Why exactly these berries? The custom appeared in Spain more than a hundred years ago as a reaction to an over-harvest of grapes. Each berry is absorbed with a new stroke of the clock at midnight.

In Japan, New Year is a special time for calligraphy lovers. There is the custom of Kakizome calligraphy. The words "longevity", "spring" and "eternal youth" are beautifully printed on paper in large letters in ink. They write Kakizome until January 5, and on the 14th the notes are burned. It is believed that if a burning leaf with hieroglyphs is blown up by the wind, then all wishes will come true, since they were made sincerely.

In Norway, the holiday is accompanied by the participation of mistletoe, a plant parasite. This evergreen bush has poisonous leaves, as a result, mistletoe can destroy even century-old trees. In northern myths, mistletoe is given a sacred meaning, death and resurrection are associated with it. According to legend, the wife of the god Odin, Frigga, ordered the mistletoe to give people love. Therefore, in Scandinavia there is a tradition - having met under the mistletoe between New Year and Christmas, a man and a woman are obliged to kiss. Unsurprisingly, adventurous northerners drag a piece of mistletoe into the house, tying it to a chandelier.

For a long time everyone knows that in Italy there is an ancient tradition - to throw out all the old, boring and unnecessary things from home on New Year's Eve - right down to sofas and plumbing fixtures. However, this is just a legend tempting tourists. In fact, there is a different tradition in the country. Italians are so fond of the New Year's styles of their Santa - Bobbo Natale, that on this night everyone, both men and women, tries to wear something red. Even underwear. For example, to meet a policeman in red socks on New Year's Eve somewhere in Florence is not at all a miracle, but rather a harbinger of good luck and an upcoming holiday. Traditionally in Italy, it is customary to eat grapes dried in bunches. The berries seem to resemble coins. It is believed that the one who eats more of them more and earns money in the coming year.

But the Hungarians on the eve of the New Year like to organize arson. Straw stuffed scapegoats are at the mercy of the fire. With a burning figure, Hungarians rush through their village or city block. This symbolically signals the release of the troubles of the past year. And so that happiness flutters in the new year and does not fly away, a bird is served on the festive table. Serbs and Croats have similar traditions.

But in Ecuador, they prefer to burn dolls in human growth, they are sewn from foam rubber in a few weeks. To keep the fire going to the sky, the townspeople on the eve of the New Year collect dolls in the central square of the city.

In Paraguay, where there are many real Indians, at the moment of the change of year, all the windows and doors in the dwellings are thrown wide open. At the same time, all residents begin to knock loudly, announcing all the surroundings with noise. Even dishes are used, and those who did not have enough opening just go out to knock on the yard.

In neighboring Chile, it is on this night that it is customary to pierce the earlobes of girls over 6 years old.

In Belarus, lovers of folklore adore feeding roosters from their hands on this holiday. As a result, a line of maidens who want to get married is lined up in front of the hungry crowing bird. The girl, to whom the rooster approaches first and begins to peck grain from her hands, will go down the aisle first. And it doesn't matter if the rooster pecks in an unexpected place - after all, it still symbolizes the masculine principle.

In Finland, New Year is celebrated with a special glamor - an ice hotel is built here every winter in the town of Jukkasjärvi. By mid-December, all work is completed, the hotel is ready to receive guests for the holidays. In spring, the hotel melts by itself, flowing into the river. Guests are invited to sleep on a bed of ice, eat at an ice table. Fans of strong drinks will have to fork out - alcohol is expensive in a cold country. Up to 100 people can meet the New Year under the roof of an unusual hotel. And there is still no end to those who wish.

In hot Africa, in the part where there are no conifers at all, palm trees are dressed up for the New Year holidays! And under them there is something to be surprised. So, in the south of the Ivory Coast, there are semi-pagans who consider the egg a symbol of all living things. Amazing races are held here - black guys and girls get on all fours, taking a chicken egg in their mouth, and run a race. The winner must present an egg without a single crack.

In Holland and Belgium, it is customary to bake waffles and biscuits for the New Year. As a result, each area boasts something unique. In the Netherlands, there is also a New Year's drink "slam", which is made from hot milk with the addition of tea, sugar and spices.

In Bulgaria, the lights go out for a few minutes at midnight. When all the guests remain in the dark, you can kiss even an unfamiliar guest - the holiday will keep the secret of the New Year's kiss.

Even in space there are traditions of celebrating the New Year. Here astronauts dress up in traditional costumes of the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus, and the ISS has as many as 3 synthetic Christmas trees. In orbit, they indulge in catching Santa Claus by the beard in a state of weightlessness. But you can't have a drink in flight, and cosmonauts can congratulate each other as many as 16 times - according to the number of time zones in America and Russia.

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