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Before finally choosing a name, the child should clearly imagine how you would like to see him in the future. Today new names are chosen in accordance with several directions, such as:

Eastern traditions

Compliance of the future name with the traditions of the countries of the East, such names as Amina, Leila, Gulnar, Gunay, Salima and so on.

Western traditions

Names that came to us from Europe and the American continent, such as Robert, Dominic, Herbert, Eric, Felix, Monica, Agatha, Nicole and so on.

According to the horoscope of birth

These are the names suggested by the astrologer after drawing up an individual chart of the life of a newborn by date and time of birth.

Choosing a name by zodiac sign

There is special literature, where it is quite specifically spelled out which signs of the zodiac, which names are most preferable, and which ones are strictly undesirable.

New names

There is ample scope for creativity for parents. New names can be created. In the modern world, several main directions of the formation of new names have been identified. These methods include:

1. New names formed by the interpretation of names from the church calendar by the coincidence of the date of birth. It is becoming more and more fashionable not only to baptize, but also to name a newborn with a name from the church calendar. But for the only reason that these names were used by the Slavs back in the 9-10th century, these names are rarely and hard to accept. This is easily explained by the difference in the sound of the modern Russian language and the Old Church Slavonic. These names take root only after some updating of their sound and spelling. This is one way of forming new names.

2. Trying to create sonorous and 100% unique new names by merging the letters of mom and dad names. Some parents try to show their own originality in the independent "construction" of a new name. The principle is simple, several syllables of the name of the mother and father are taken and combined in any order. Example: Maksana - Maxim and Oksana and so on. Sometimes it works out well, but mostly not very euphonious.

By the way, it should be noted that this principle in the not so distant past was used to compose the nicknames of horses, in order to mark the producers (parents) of this animal not only in the pedigree, but also in the name. But we are not horses, and there are many good and euphonic names, you just need to look well. This method is also one of the methods for obtaining new names.

3. Female new names derived from male names. This method is probably the easiest in the field of forming new names. The male name you like is taken (preferably of foreign origin) and recorded in the feminine gender. Sometimes it turns out really nothing, beautiful and unusual. The individuality of your child with this name will be emphasized 100%. Example: Vasilisa, Pavel, Ruslan, Ivan, Bogdan and even Alexander.

4. New names inspired by biblical stories. Previously, it was possible to name children with the same name as the heroes of their favorite TV series (Marianna, Veronica, Timur, Athena, Jasmine, Odysseus, Aphelia, Esmeralda, Cleopatra, and so on), today they increasingly refer to the names of biblical heroes, namely Esther, Eve, Moses , Adam, Samuel, Cain, Luke, David, Abraham, Rachel, Reuben, Magdalene, Sarah.

5. New names formed from sonorous foreign words. It all depends on the euphony and ease of memorization and, of course, pronunciation. Names such as Milliana - millennium, Esta - a star, Besta or Biesta - twice a star or a beautiful star, Adventina - waiting, Jegolo - Jehovah loves, and so on.

6. New names, formed under the influence of the Internet. It sounds a little strange, but it was the Internet that gave life to such unusual names as Midissa - midi, Emmelian or Emel format - E-mail, Disk, Tipsebid - the basis of the inscription T (his) H (age) C (annot) D (isplayed) and the like.

7. New names after famous mathematicians or mathematical terms. Sektrissa - bezekrissa, Catheta - cathetus, Silicate and so on.

This relatively small list is just some part of the iceberg of fantasy and erudition, pretentiousness and correctness, ambition and pride of parents for their newborn children. Today there is no ideological control on the part of the state that gravitated so strongly before, there is no fanaticism, and the somewhat incomprehensible fashion for new names from your favorite TV series and books.

To my great surprise, a fairly large number of multi-format printed publications (from pocket books, but real folios), Internet sites have been released that are ready not only to help, but also to advise on how to name the baby.

Many horoscopes of names, and even patronymics, their connection with the date and time of the child's birth. All kinds of horoscopes of names and teachings based on the knowledge of the Druids and other ancient peoples, calendars of various religious denominations, and so on. The amount of available material on this topic is huge and multifaceted.

Parents can only be as attentive and responsible as possible when choosing a name for a newborn, which will not only "distinguish" him from others, but also have a beneficial effect on his entire future life.

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