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Issavi's law on commission dynamics

The less you enjoy sitting on different commissions and committees, the more likely you will be forced to do so.

Kim's rule for commissions

After a whole hour has been spent on correcting and fine-tuning a sentence, someone will suggest removing this entire paragraph from the text.

Kirby's commentary

The Commission is the only life form with twelve stomachs but completely devoid of a brain.

Burgess's Law

Those who are most opposed to participating in commissions are made chairpersons.

Hendrickson's law

If a problem generates a lot of meetings, they eventually become more important than the problem itself.

The first law of business meetings

The more important the notes you make, the more often the pencil lead breaks.

President Truman's law

If you are not able to convince them, then at least confuse them.

De Neuve Debate Act

Two monologues do not form a dialogue.

Cox's comment

The commission is a back alley where the seduced are lured and where they are then quietly and calmly "strangled".

Lucas law

No one has ever erected a monument to the commission.

Peterson's principle

Never delay the end of the meeting or the start of your lunch break.

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