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Meaning of the name

Nazarius translated from Hebrew means "dedicated to God."


This mild-sounding name is used more often for boys in Ukraine than in Russia; they are usually born second or last in the family. They are calm, executive, do well in school. In childhood, they suffer from pharyngitis.

They look like both mother and father. They love to read and are able to quickly navigate in unfamiliar surroundings. With girls are timid. Having married, they become wonderful husbands and fathers.

Those born in winter are jealous and very stubborn, thanks to the latter quality they achieve their intended goal, although their life is not strewn with flowers. They take everything to heart.

Those born in the summer are also jealous, devoted to the family, they are, as they say, strong owners, they do everything thoroughly, they are obligatory. They have many friends, because of whom they often find themselves in unpleasant situations. If you have your own car, they drive it with pleasure, but don't like to repair it.

Born in the fall are very specific and calculating, they will not do anything without thoroughly thinking it over. Often these are masters - golden hands.


He prefers to undress his girlfriend himself, from which he gets extraordinary pleasure. He is too passionate and not immediately saturated, seeks to feel the entire spectrum of sexual feelings, to experience real bliss from intimate relationships.

Very hardy physically, tireless in sex. The greatest satisfaction comes from a joint orgasm.

He is interested in sexual literature, likes to watch erotic films, constantly improves his knowledge in the field of sex. Nazariy cannot be called a light nature, which is also manifested in intimate life. He is a leader and will not tolerate any resistance from his partner.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Nazarius gives the impression of something good, simple, majestic, courageous, powerful, big, slow.

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