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Meaning of the name

Nelly in translation from Greek means "bright", "new light", "new sun".


Since childhood, Nelly gravitates towards any kind of art, and spiritual values ​​are more valuable to her than purely material ones. She is smart and sociable, but she does not know how to keep other people's secrets at all. Usually the mother's beloved daughter, she is somewhat irritable, quick-tempered, but quick-witted.

She learns the school curriculum without much difficulty, especially the exact sciences. She has a well-developed imagination, is impulsive, extremely emotional. Parents should teach her not to control and restrain her emotions, but to direct her inner fire in the right direction.

Adult Nellie has her own point of view on everything and can defend her gracefully, without irritating opponents. She is caring and compassionate to the weak, loves pets. He does not like to save money, preferring to purchase expensive clothes and valuables. Tastes good, follows fashion.

Professional growth for Nelly is the basis of life. She enthusiastically talks about her plans, successes and failures to her family and friends. She has excellent intuition, never comes into conflict, shows tirelessness when carrying out official assignments, so she is quite successful and quickly moving up the career ladder, sometimes causing the envy of less hardworking employees.

"Winter" Nelly is distinguished by a sharp mind, extravagance and originality of thinking.

Born in spring is extremely charming, pleasant to talk to. He prefers to work as a teacher, physician, art critic.

Born in summer, she knows how to enjoy life, has good taste, is caring and good-natured.

Born in the summer, Nelly is practical, purposeful, cunning and resourceful. Chooses work in the field of science, electronics, computer technology.

Nelly has an unstable nervous system and often has lung problems.


Nelly has a certain deep charm, people next to her become calmer and more pleasant in communication. In conversations, she prefers topics related to fashion, art or social life, although she often does not mind hearing about any adventures and adventures.

Nelly is extremely emotional and sexual, she chooses temperamental, sexually experienced men, she is not obtrusive, does not burden her partner with responsibility, she is spontaneous and uninhibited in bed. It's always easy and simple with her.

Having married, she establishes a calm, even relationship with her husband, devoid of violent passions. Marital stability is most important to her, but pride can make her jealous.

Nelly has little interest in household chores, devotes a minimum of time to cooking, on occasion she will gladly entrust her mother or mother-in-law with housekeeping. Work takes up almost all of her time, so she is engaged in raising children irregularly, from time to time.

Nelly is not prone to cheating, but she can get carried away by an extraordinary and intelligent person. However, such relationships usually do not last long, since marriage stability is extremely important for Nelly.



A rock

Chalcedony, topaz.

Zodiac sign

Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces.


The word Nelly gives the impression of something feminine, good, safe, kind, beautiful, gentle.

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