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Post's observations on management

The inefficiency and stupidity of personnel correspond to the inefficiency and stupidity of management.

Robertson's Rule of Bureaucracy

The more directives are issued with the aim of solving a problem, the worse the situation becomes.

Joe's Law

If in some organization you have "your own person", he will be the first to be fired during its reorganization.

Who can you count on in the event of a crisis

1. Marketing says yes.

2. Finance says no.

3. Lawyers should consider this.

4. The cadres are worried.

5. The planners are on a rampage.

6. Constructors are above all this.

7. Manufacturing requires more production space.

8. Top management is looking for someone to account for.

Sweeney's Law

The size of the progress report is inversely proportional to the results achieved.

Jacobson's law

The less work an organization does, the more often all sorts of reorganizations are carried out in it.

Defactualization rule

As information moves up the bureaucratic ladder, it distorts and degenerates.

Maxima McCartney

The only thing that saves us from bureaucracy is its inefficiency.

Gammon's Law

In a bureaucratic system, an increase in costs will be accompanied by a corresponding drop in production.

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