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Meaning of the name

Milana means "sweetheart" in Old Slavonic.


Little Milana, both in appearance and in character, resembles her father, loves to spend time with her family helping her parents with the housework. She is impulsive, sociable, has many friends and girlfriends, whom she often changes.

Growing up, he becomes more restrained and secretive, studies well, easily switches from one activity to another.

Adult Milana is sociable, but communicates more with men than with women. She easily and quickly converges with people, just as quickly breaks ties.

In relationships with people, he shows restraint, bordering on indifference. He makes a lot of efforts to learn to understand people and correctly assess their actions.

If Milana was born in November, she can easily penetrate the soul of the interlocutor, understand the mood and help in difficult times.

Born in winter - a business woman, a real business woman; is distinguished by independence, is able to achieve success in any field. She loves to create difficulties and overcome them, fight to achieve her goal.

He treats the management with respect, moves quickly up the career ladder. The employees respect her, the boss appreciates her clear mind and diplomacy.

Milana believes in prophetic dreams, often visits fortune-tellers, and "December" has an amazing intuition and is able to predict some events of her life herself. Loves animals, pays a lot of attention to talking on the phone.


Milana is extremely attractive and sexy, preferring clothes in black, white, red, or blue. Her outfits are very stylish and original.

She has many fans, with whom she shows restraint. However, she will never refuse to ride a beautiful expensive car with a young man.

Milana knows her worth, she will never rush headlong after her lover. She perfectly knows how to hide her intimate intentions, while maintaining complete calm.

This line of behavior perfectly justifies itself in the fight against rivals. Milana has amazing intuition, she is extremely perceptive, it is almost impossible to deceive her: she will immediately notice the catch.

Intimate life for her is of great importance, she takes sex seriously, in bed she is passionate and wayward. She is very jealous, but does not tolerate being jealous of her.

If the future husband was born in the summer, preferably in July, their marriage will be strong and happy. Union with a "February" man most often ends in divorce.

Having married, Milana shows a refined taste, skillfully creating coziness and comfort in the house. She is not always able to properly manage the family budget - she is stingy to the smallest detail, then she is wasteful. She cooks excellently, is hospitable, but she herself rarely visits.



A rock


Zodiac sign

A lion.


The sound of the name Milan gives the impression of something feminine, safe, kind, gentle, slow, short.

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