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Meaning of the name

Mikhailina in translation from Hebrew means "godlike", "divine".


Little Mikhaylina is an indecisive, even timid girl, distinguished by a soft, compliant character. She is sensitive, easily injured, does not differ in sociability. During her school years, she does not have many friends. She is quite capable, persevering, but she is an average student, rarely an excellent student.

Adult Mikhaylina is obsessed with a desire to achieve success in life, but her indecision prevents this. She is very hardworking, and born in the fall - she is also persistent, even stubborn. This allows her to achieve her goal.

Mikhailina gives the impression of a simpleton who does not shine with intelligence. In fact, she is extremely intelligent and has a developed intuition, but does not want to demonstrate her abilities in public.

However, her achievements in the chosen type of work speak for themselves. She is very kind-hearted, sentimental, loves novels and series about love, the suffering of the heroes of books and films often makes her cry.

Mikhailina does not strive for the role of a leader, since she is not distinguished by her sociability. However, he chooses a profession related to communication and, in a certain sense, manipulation of people - an educator or teacher, salesman, nurse, dressmaker, lawyer, psychiatrist, flight attendant.

Outside of the professional sphere, he experiences difficulties in communication, gets lost, does not know how to maintain a casual small talk. The greatest success in their careers is achieved by "winter" women - they are more capable and more decisive than others.

She prefers the role of a housewife to moving up the career ladder, she never complains about anything, is tireless and enduring. Mikhailina's health is usually very good, the only weak point is the organs of internal secretion.


Mikhaylina is modest and restrained, she is equally friendly with both men and women. She does not like to draw attention to herself, dresses beautifully, but not brightly, prefers classic style to the avant-garde. However, restraint does not exclude impulses of sensuality, especially if Miroslava meets an ideal partner.

In bed, she rarely takes the initiative, but she is able to respond to her partner's passion with even more ardent passion. For her, there are no restrictions in the field of intimate communication, and this more than compensates for the lack of fantasy in love games.

She is extremely sensitive to lies, it is difficult to experience betrayal or dishonest acts. Next to a loving, attentive and faithful spouse, Mikhailina simply "blossoms", becomes an ideal hostess, a wonderful wife and loving mother.



A rock

Black onyx.

Zodiac sign



The sound of Mikhailin's name gives the impression of something feminine, small, safe, kind, gentle, short.

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