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From the very moment people started selling something, advertising appeared. Indeed, with the help of large sizes, you can draw the attention of anyone to the proposed product.

As a result, unusually huge forms of advertising themselves can become creative. And this has nothing to do with the "Largest Billboard" nomination in the Guinness Book of Records.

After all, there are many examples on Earth of how advertising occupies huge areas and areas. Below are some of the largest advertisements in the world.

The world's largest signpost for Nokia. To spur interest in its navigation products, Nokia has created the world's largest signpost. It is located at an altitude of 50 meters near the Tower Bridge of London. Curiously, the pointer was also interactive. It was possible to send SMS to a specific number and indicate the desired object. After that, the arrow turned, indicating the direction, and on the electronic board itself, made in the role of an arrow, the distance to the desired target and its name were indicated. The boom could eventually rotate 360 ​​degrees. The entire structure weighed 60 tons, and in length it was equal to the length of two buses. The goal of such a company was to get the owners of the phones of this company to start using Internet services and navigation.

The world's largest billboard. This giant billboard billboard is also environmentally friendly. The largest billboard in the world is made from biodegradable and recycled materials. This time, Dubai conquered everyone not with a land reclamation project or just another skyscraper. There they created an advertisement 1.5 kilometers long. Its construction cost as much as $ 3.2 million. Billboard is expected to visit 40 countries throughout the year. It will show the true face of Dubai. The billboard was created by Adrac, a giant advertising and marketing company. Special emphasis is given to the fact that no harmful substances were used in the creation of the billboard. Only environmentally friendly paints and other chemicals are used there. The ad is laid out on 450 pieces of 10 x 2 meters. They then need to be put together like a kind of puzzle. The billboard itself is housed in two 12-meter shipping containers, with the help of which the ad travels around the world. 100 sponsors take part in financing the shield, 40 of them have the status of premium.

The largest shave in the world. This ad was created by the Street Advertising Agency (SAS) in 2011 specifically for the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament. SAS painted a huge picture of Roger Federer's face right on a green field, measuring 70 meters by 50 meters. The face was made using guided robots that applied 3000 liters of paint industrially. More than 1,000 liters of shaving foam was then applied to Federer's chin. Then they shaved her off with lawn mowers. Thus, the largest shave in the world with the help of Gillette took place.

The largest advertising poster. Betfair decided to welcome the participant in the 2008 European Football Championship in an original way. For this, the largest billboard in the world was being prepared for 4 months. It read about the company "# 1 for football and continues to grow." The ad was grown by farmers from wheat, cotton and calendula. Wheat seeds alone took 9 tons, another 53 thousand calendula bushes were planted, and 1.5 kilometers of cotton were also used. In terms of its area, the billboard is equal to the area of ​​50 football fields, in this place the Empire State Building could be laid three times.

The world's largest logo. It was created by the Coca-Cola company, and this advertising creation is located in the desert in northern Chile. The inscription is 50 meters high and 120 meters wide. At the same time, the letters themselves are not simple, they are laid out from 70 thousand empty bottles from under this drink. The number “100” under the logo refers to the company's 100th anniversary. It was in honor of this that such a logo was created.

The world's largest poster on a building. The larger the building, the more area of ​​its walls can be used for advertising. One of the most iconic properties in Las Vegas is the Luxor Hotel. Once a poster with Optimus Prime was installed on the wall of this huge building. He has a piercing gaze, and light effects glitter around the robot. Such an advertisement was ordered by Paramount and Dreamwork for their cinematic hero. The contractor was the Sky Tag organization, which specializes in advertising on the walls. The height of the pyramid hotel is 150 meters, and the area of ​​Optimus himself on it exceeds 100 thousand square feet.

Giant Kentucky Fried Chicken logo. This face can even be seen on Google Earth. While not the first brand to have the emblem seen from space, the KFC logo certainly looks the most ambitious. Created such an advertising project in the Rachel Desert, Nevada. It was built in 6 days, it took 65 thousand colored tiles. The total area of ​​the logo is 87,500 square feet.

The world's largest music album poster. Strictly speaking, such a poster is not an advertisement, but the boundaries of differences are rather blurred. This poster was created by Sony Music Entertainment near London Heathrow Airport. The painting was made from special vinyl and covers 2,700 square meters. The poster was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest poster in the world.

The world's largest construction paint advertisement. This is one of the biggest construction related advertisements. It should be noted that she is also one of the most humorous. Such an ad is in the American city of Columbus. The Coops paint advertisement was placed on an area of ​​400 square meters. Bright lime paint literally pours out of the bucket on the poster and literally floods the surrounding area, including the cars parked nearby.

Huge barley advertisement. In an area of ​​100 thousand square meters near Munich Airport, Swissair has placed its original advertisement. For this, part of the barley in the field was mowed, and part of it was decorated with linseed oils. It took about 4 months to prepare such an announcement with an airplane taking off. First, the plants were allowed to grow, and then the field was already cultivated in accordance with the intention of the advertisers.

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