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Meaning of the name

Lubomyr in translation from Old Slavic means "bringing peace".


Little Lubomir does not give his parents any trouble, although there is a lot of stubbornness in his character. They start reading early and learn, as a rule, well.

They are usually reserved and patient. Outwardly they look like their mother. They are very modest, indecisive in relationships with girls. They are hardworking and help others as much as they can.

They are kind, but poorly promoted, because they do not know how to be flexible, they have an extraordinary look at life. Some of them are predisposed to alcohol. They are restless, they like to go on business trips. They are broad-based specialists, they are quick to understand any business, excellent mechanics.

Great fathers and good sons. They often live with their parents. They are economic, but unfortunately, they are not obligatory and often do not fulfill their promises.

Lubomyrs successfully work as engineers, artists, programmers, accountants, investigators, drivers.


Lubomyr does not tolerate loneliness. After parting with one woman due to sexual incompatibility, he immediately establishes a bond with another. The highest degree of arousal of the partner is easily caught by Lubomir, he is very sensitive, able to instantly react to changes in the behavior of his girlfriend.

Lubomyr has a strong will, is sexy, extremely emotional. By nature, the owner does not forgive betrayal, he is jealous even for no reason. He skillfully manages the intimate process, rapidly approaches the climax, rarely wastes energy in vain. Each of his actions is purposeful, he is, one might say, a professional lover.

Lubomyr marries late, is careful in choosing a wife. Doesn't give the partner a reason to hope for a serious relationship until he decides that this woman is right for him. He selects a spouse from the point of view of sexual compatibility, although her intellect, appearance and character are also not indifferent to him. Children of different sexes are born.

In the family, he is the leader, the wife cannot make a single decision on her own, she is obliged to consult with him, or at least notify him in advance.


The black.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Lubomir gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, round, kind, light, gentle, feminine, cheerful, bright, joyful.

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