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Meaning of the name

The name comes from the name of the island, famous for the Temple of Apollo.


Little Leocadia has an unstable psyche and therefore often rushes to extremes: from unbridled fun to deep depression, from overwhelming activity to complete calmness. Excessively excitable, impulsive, reacts violently to external stimuli.

Parents spend a lot of effort to bring her into a state of relative calm. But even if their efforts are crowned with success, it will not be for long, for Leocadia's choleric temperament requires an exit.

Her movements are fast, her speech is somewhat abrupt, although extremely clear, her reaction is lightning fast. Leokadia studies well, but she often lacks perseverance, she needs a constant change of activity.

The adult Leocadia has excellent intuition, she is fickle, mobile, easy-going. She is sociable, but somewhat superficial in friendly relations, often changes friends and girlfriends, not upset that friendly relations with someone have come to naught.

Leokadia is somewhat weak-willed, she lacks perseverance, the ability to bring the work started to the end. Possessing an analytical and synthetic type of thinking, she easily covers the problem as a whole, but the little things to which she is not attentive enough can confuse Leocadia.

Leocadia takes her defeats and miscalculations very painfully, sometimes withdrawing into herself for a while. But soon, with her usual optimism, she takes up a new business.

If the work is connected with communication, Leokadia will definitely try it and, most likely, will achieve great success. She most often chooses the profession of a journalist, manager, stewardess or tries herself in business.

In her youth, Leocadia is ill infrequently, in adulthood she is susceptible to diseases, mainly of a psychosomatic nature. Weak spots - throat, respiratory tract, heart, nervous system, kidneys. Due to her imbalance, she can get into accidents, so she should be more careful on the road, especially during rush hours.


Leokadia is an extremely bright, uncommon personality. In a relationship with a man, she is quite free, she can step over the generally accepted norms of morality. She is very sexy and passionate, in bed she is a dreamer and an inventor who gets real pleasure from intimacy.

Not always able to correctly assess the capabilities of a partner, both in the intimate and in the domestic sphere. Since in love affairs she is characterized by hasty, ill-considered decisions, she can make a mistake and connect her life with a person who does not suit her at all.

She gets married several times, her married life is very intense, sometimes even stormy. Leokadia will not hesitate to point out to her husband his shortcomings, while, as if "forgetting" about his miscalculations, without hesitation, he will arrange for him a scene of jealousy about and without it.

But next to a patient, gentle and passionate spouse, he gradually calms down, becoming a wonderful wife and loving mother. She is extremely hospitable, knows how to arrange a friendly party and a social reception, cooks well, can keep up a conversation on any topic.



A rock

Rose quartz, white coral.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Leocadia gives the impression of something good, feminine, safe, cheerful, kind, beautiful, smooth, gentle, bright, light, joyful, round.

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