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Meaning of the name

Leah translated from Hebrew means "antelope", "heifer", "heifer".


Leah has a tendency to selfishness from an early age. In the mornings, she likes to sleep a little longer, shows a minimum of interest in studies, is not curious, reads little, and at the same time is extremely curious. Sometimes her interest becomes just the same obsessive, and this becomes the cause of problems in relationships with others.

Little changes with age, although he makes a lot of efforts to achieve self-control. She is spontaneous, sincere, but somewhat superficial, not distinguished by either patience or accuracy.

Leah is disorganized, disorganized, often rushes from one extreme to another. He devotes a lot of time to himself, beloved, leaving work and family in the background.

Leah is sociable, has many friends, although she cannot be called kind and peaceful. However, there is absolutely no desire to command - Leah will never impose her opinion on anyone. She is hospitable, but not at all economic, does not like to cook, pays minimum attention to household chores.


Leah is very sociable, loves feasts, friendly parties and will never miss an opportunity to have fun. She is full of unconscious desires and aspirations, especially if she was born in December.

She is also characterized by sensuality, love of the sun and trips to seaside resorts. With a man, even if she likes him, she is somewhat aloof, never fully open. She is only frank with friends.

Born in winter, Leah is distinguished by kindness and complaisance, while terribly stubborn, she can deceive if circumstances require it. Having got married, he hardly adapts to the role of a wife and, more often than not, simply shifts most of his household responsibilities onto others, living in his own world, closed to others.

Summer-born Leah is a typical melancholic. To others, she may seem defenseless and helpless, but this is an illusion. Leah, as a professional actress, can play the role of a weak woman in need of support and constant care, if it suits her.

She does not limit herself in anything, rarely follows generally accepted rules and norms. However, she may have serious difficulties with partners.

In family life, Leah is more than constant - she will never file for divorce, even if she is convinced of her husband's betrayal. Making superhuman efforts, she will maintain the illusion of a happy family life, no matter what. She is not inclined to betrayals.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Leah gives the impression of something feminine, good, safe, cheerful, kind, beautiful, smooth, gentle, bright, light, joyful, round.

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