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It is generally believed that a home aquarium should have a volume of 50-60 liters. The largest aquariums in the world will be discussed below.

Western Australia Aquarium, 3 million liters. The name of this underwater world is abbreviated as AQWA. The building is located on the shore of the bay in Perth, Western Australia. This is the largest aquarium in the world. Its history began in 1991. Then Maurice Kahn purchased the Underwater World amusement aquarium and began its reconstruction. The entrepreneurs set a goal to acquaint people with the underwater world, and to do it as safely as possible both for the visitors themselves and for living beings. The project took place, and they even learned how to grow corals in the aquarium, so favorable conditions were inside. On January 1, 2001, the natural park received its current name. The main tank is 40 meters long and 20 meters wide. An excursion to AQWA is a real walk along the bottom of the ocean, only it does not require diving and scuba diving skills. After all, you can observe the beauty of the underwater world by walking through a 98-meter underwater tunnel. Guests of the aquarium can visit five expositions that represent the local inhabitants of the deep sea. And for an additional fee, you can even go scuba diving among the animals. Usually people come to Western Australia Aquarium with families and for the whole day.

Genoa Aquarium, 3.78 million liters. This establishment is the largest of its kind in Italy and the second largest in Europe. The area of ​​the aquarium is 3100 m², about 1.2 million people come here every year. And they built an aquarium here for the Genoa Expo 1992 exhibition, dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America by a local native, Christopher Columbus. Architect Renzo Piano has designed a building that looks like a ship that is about to be launched. In 1998, the aquarium was expanded - a 100-meter boat was attached to it, which was connected to the main structure by a bridge. The aquarium was originally intended to showcase the underwater features of the Ligurian Sea, North Atlantic and Caribbean reefs. It was along this path that Columbus once sailed. The aquarium consists of 70 tanks with a total volume of 6 million liters. More than 5 thousand species of living creatures live here, including sharks, seals, penguins and dolphins. Next to the aquarium there is a glass sphere with a diameter of 20 meters - "Biosphere". Here is a piece of the Amazonian forest. An adult ticket to the Genoese aquarium costs 16 euros.

Shanghai Oceanarium, 3.8 million liters. This is one of the largest aquariums in Asia, with an area of ​​20.5 thousand square meters. It is located near the famous TV tower, in the Pudong area. The Oceanarium is divided into 9 thematic zones representing different parts of the ocean - Polar waters, Africa, Australia, China and others. In total, 10 thousand living creatures, representing 450 species, live in the aquarium. But the most interesting thing here are four underwater tunnels with a total length of 168 meters. This is a world record. Inspection begins from the Chinese zone, further travel to other continents and regions will give a complete picture of the diversity of the animal world presented here. So, in the Asian zone you can see a unique Chinese sturgeon and a huge salamander, two meters long. In the South American zone, representatives of the Amazon are represented, including a three-meter arapaima fish with 6-centimeter scales, an electric eel. The collection of the aquarium is very diverse, there are stingrays, sharks, penguins, turtles. But it is rather difficult for guests to take good photos - poor lighting and many tourists interfere. By appointment, you can even swim alongside the sharks. Tickets to the aquarium are quite expensive, starting at $ 25.

Ushaka marine world, 3.8 million liters. This aquarium is considered one of the best in the Southern Hemisphere. It is located in South Africa, in the city of Durban. The area of ​​the theme park is 16 hectares, and it was opened in 2004 after 3 years of work. The complex is divided into four parts, and it is located on a strip of land between the beach and the harbor. The Marine World is Africa's largest aquarium with 32 tanks. Its peculiarity is also that there is a restaurant with glass walls, which is located right inside the shark tank. So you can watch dangerous predators right at the table. And the spectacle of shark feeding on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays is of particular interest to guests. Also, the exhibition complex contains turtles, stingrays, tropical fish - the underwater world of Africa is especially bright and diverse. There is also a dolphinarium in the Sea World, where penguins and seals also perform. It should be noted that in addition to entertainment, the complex is also engaged in scientific research. In addition to the Sea World, the complex has a water park, a beach and an African village.

Monterey Bay Aquarium, 4.5 million liters. The aquarium is considered one of the world's finest research centers. It is located in Monterey, California, on the site of a former canned fish factory. In addition to the direct huge reservoir of 4.5 million liters, there is also another huge reservoir with a volume of 1.2 million liters. The huge aquarium, as the name implies, aims to show the rich flora and fauna of Monterey Bay, the largest in the country. The first section is devoted to the "Algae Forest", where goldfish, anchovies and orange Garibaldi swim between the plants. Aquarium "Depth" is dedicated to those creatures that live at a depth of 30 to 100 meters. It is impossible for an ordinary person to see them in their natural environment. Other exhibits feature sandy seabed, shale reefs and rocky shores. Although there are no dolphins, whales or fur seals in the aquarium, from the open area you can watch different marine mammals traveling through the bay. The section “Open Sea” is of particular interest. It is here that those two largest reservoirs are located. Many amazing creatures live here, there are rare jellyfish, reaching 75 cm in diameter.

Turkuaz Aquarium, 4.9 million liters. This Istanbul aquarium is the largest in Turkey. Even if it does not impress with its area (8 thousand square meters), it is cozy here. This place is divided into many thematic zones, and about 10 thousand sea creatures live here, including tiger sharks, piranhas and huge rays. But the main pride of the aquarium is the 80-meter underwater tunnel that runs right through the underwater world. The viewing angle here is 270 degrees. Both freshwater and marine life live in 43 reservoirs. On the institution's website, you can find out about the shark feeding time in order to get exactly this fascinating show. The aquarium is maintained by a team of 50 people, including engineers, divers, biologists and managers. There are seven divers alone, they feed the inhabitants and clean the aquarium. Turkuaza is a dynamic and interactive family entertainment center. The entire complex was built in just six months by a New Zealand company, the entire project cost 17 million euros and the aquarium was opened in 2009.

L'Oceanografic Aquarium, Valencia, 7 million liters. This aquarium is located in the eastern part of the Spanish city, part of the famous City of Arts and Sciences complex. The sea house was designed by the architect Felix Candela. The oceanographic institution is the largest in Europe, with a total area of ​​111 thousand square meters, the total volume of water here is 42 million liters. This volume would be enough to fill 15 Olympic swimming pools. The complex is home to 45 thousand living beings, representing 500 different species. These are not only fish, but also birds, mammals, reptiles, invertebrates. The nine above-water floors are inhabited by sharks, penguins, dolphins, sea lions, walruses and many others. The entire park is divided into nine zones. Marine areas are represented by the Mediterranean, polar oceans - by arctic inhabitants, tropical seas - by inhabitants of the Red Sea. The pavilion with exotic seabirds and the dolphinarium are also worth paying attention to. Sea water is pumped into the aquarium directly from the beach, passing through several stages of purification. And in this case, guests are invited to walk through the tunnel through the water column. There is also an underwater restaurant in Okeanografika, where you can continue observing marine life.

Okinawa Turaumi Aquarium, 7.49 million liters. This aquarium is located in Kayohaku Park, which was created in honor of the International Exhibition of Seas and Oceans. It was held on the Motobu Peninsula in northwestern Okinawa. Okinawa Churaumi was opened in 2002. In the depths of the park, 5 minutes from the main entrance there is an oceanarium. He occupied the slope of the hill, thanks to which the floors are located here as a step, creating the effect of a gradual descent downward. The Oceanarium is designed to fully show the marine life of the Japanese island. Taking into account the peculiarities of Okinawa, the aquarium was divided into three zones: coral reefs and shallow water, warm waters of the Kuroshio Current, deep water. As a result, the organisms living in these zones are quite different from each other. Upon entering the aquarium, guests find themselves on the third floor. Then the descent begins, which is a kind of diving into the depths of the ocean. People go from the world of shallow waters, corals and tropical fish, to the layer of warm Kuroshio current and to dark mysterious deep-sea places. A person and the water column in the aquarium are separated by as much as 60 centimeters of glass.

Dubai Aquarium, 10 million liters. This aquarium is located in the largest shopping and entertainment center in the Middle East - The Dubai Mall. It is located in the prestigious area of ​​the city surrounding the Burj Khalifa. The aquarium is home to 33,000 marine life, including 400 sharks. It houses the world's largest glass exterior panel for observing the living world. Its size is 8.3 by 32.88 meters with a thickness of 75 centimeters. The overall size of the aquarium is 51 by 20 by 11 meters. Thanks to this, the Dubai Aquarium even got into the Guinness Book of Records. In February 2010, the glass began to leak, which caused the evacuation of all spectators. Fortunately, the problem was quickly resolved. You can better see the underwater inhabitants by going through an underwater tunnel with a viewing angle of 270 degrees. The proximity to stingrays and tiger sharks is especially striking. Thanks to a special lighting system, the aquarium either plunges into the night or lives in a bright day. And the most daring can go diving right here for a fee.

Georgia Aquarium, 23.8 million liters. The time has come to talk about the world's largest aquarium. Here, in Atlanta, about 100 thousand living beings live in an artificial environment. The aquarium opened in November 2005 and is the only one outside of Asia where whale sharks live. In its shape, this place resembles a huge cruise ship, divided into 60 separate chambers. Three quarters of the total volume is occupied by the largest basin, where the largest ocean fish live - the very whale sharks. There are four of them - two males and two females. And they brought sea giants here from Taiwan on special planes. Initially, this place was planned exclusively for entertainment purposes. But today they also conduct oceanological research there. Experts estimate that up to 2 million people visit the Georgia aquarium every year. The construction of the aquarium began in 2001 at the initiative of billionaire Bernard Marcus and thanks to his investments. He himself stated that fish live better in an aquarium than in their natural environment. Markus also loves huge fish, which is the reason for the scale of the project. The construction took 27 months and cost $ 200 million. However, the Atlanta authorities are hoping for a return on the project, because the aquarium has become the largest in the world. It is located on an area of ​​81 thousand square meters in the city center. And together with the research center and the conference hall, the complex generally covers an area of ​​120 thousand square meters.

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