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Meaning of the name

Cyril means "lord" in Greek.


Cyril is curious and tireless in comprehending new things. Little Cyril is interested in everything: and why the bubbles in soda water rise up, and why was he born alone, and his friend - with his sister? As soon as he learns to read, he strives to read everything that is in the house, and thanks to a good memory, he perfectly remembers a lot.

Early learns the rules of good behavior, teachers do not know the trouble with him and often set as an example to other children. However, he is an egoist, and his peers dislike him: Kirill will never tell his neighbor on the desk, he will not let him write off the test. Ambitious, strives to be the first everywhere; colleagues often see him as a careerist.

He is imperiously driven by ambition, which is the basis of the character of all people who bear this name. A person with high self-esteem. The inferiority complex is almost unknown to him. In any case, those around him are sure that he is always doing well.

Cyril loves to show off and constantly awaits praise for his intelligence, delicate taste, manners, clothes, etc. Lives in two dimensions. From excessive positivity, Cyril may show signs of conceit, he may become selfish.

This is an unexpected person. It is never known in what guise he will appear. He is objective, self-confident, not influenced. It looks timid, but this is only an appearance.

Endowed with a synthetic and at the same time analytical mindset, excellent memory and healthy curiosity. We can say that he has the moral principles of a soldier who is used to acting according to the rules and does not have his own opinion.

Generally speaking, health does not give any particular concern. The weak parts are the blood circulation and the digestive system.

Cyril most often has one child. Can get a purebred beautiful dog, but caring for it will fall on the shoulders of his wife. He strives to live separately from his mother-in-law, with whom mutual hostility is immediately (and often forever) established. Outwardly, this hardly manifests itself: Kirill has good self-control, and he knows how to hide his feelings.

Kirill is a big debater, it is almost impossible to convince him. Likes to speculate on abstract topics. He is picky about food, does not refuse to help around the house, but does not show much initiative. Jealous. As a rule, he does not cheat on his wife.


Cyril is usually handsome and ambitious, the latter makes itself felt in intimate relationships - they mainly serve as a way for him to make sure of his masculine abilities.

He also has breakdowns, but he endures them calmly, without panic. Perhaps, on the contrary, they give him perseverance, the desire to once again take his own, to make up for lost time.

He knows how to look after beautifully, seducing his girlfriend, literally bewitching her with words. Cyril does not tolerate when a woman imposes her plan of action on him; in sex, he should feel like a leader.

He badly needs the love of his wife and children. He values ​​family relationships. He is not indifferent to sex, but does not like it when his wife imposes on him intimacy, he himself should take the initiative. Children of different sexes are born.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Cyril gives the impression of something rough, angular, gentle, weak, hot, quiet, small, mobile, fast, dull.

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