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Meaning of the name

Cyrus translated from ancient Greek means "mistress".


From childhood, Kira has been stubborn, proud and extremely vain. At school, Kira studies well, but only in those subjects that she loves, while the teachers pull up the tails in other subjects, since the girl is smart and diligent.

Kira is professionally involved in sports, but does not make a career in this field.

Kira is usually not very lucky in life. She is principled, assertive, moves towards the intended goal in a direct way. She is a little closed, not talkative, it may seem that she is arrogant.

Kira is an introvert, she will never flaunt her feelings, a rare occurrence and Kira's tears. She gets married on average for about twenty-seven years. Kira is moderate in sex, she does not accept adultery.

Kira is a devoted and chaste wife. Her husband usually does not have a strong temperament. It is more interesting for them to communicate, spend time in nature, invite guests.

Kira is a good housewife, she makes culinary masterpieces, since she subtly feels the relationship of the ingredients in the dish. Kira can work as an economist, manager, lawyer.


Kira knows that she is attractive, and the desire of men to take possession of her pleases her vanity. But she does not like to flirt, because she does not understand the meaning of this game, because she herself rarely feels the desire.

Kira can manipulate men, using her feminine charms, using fans for her own not sexual purposes.

Although she is rarely attracted, she loves sex, enjoys it, and climaxes easily. Her disagreement with some of the positions may have very mundane reasons.

Sex does not interest her as much as it might seem. Kira often does not care about her partner, does not even try to understand him. In bed, she is constrained, squeezed.

Only Kira, born in winter, can throw off all the fetters. However, her impulsiveness leads to the fact that she begins to lead an absent-minded, incontinent lifestyle.

Kira, born in summer, knows how to calculate and foresee everything, and she is also pragmatic about sex. It often happens that intimacy serves as a tool for her, with the help of which she gets what others cannot achieve. In this way, she can achieve, say, a promotion.

Kira is a woman who perceives sex with her mind rather than her heart.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Capricorn, Aries.


The sound of the name Cyrus gives the impression of something rough, gentle, fast.

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