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Meaning of the name

Yaroslav means "strong" in Old Slavonic.


In childhood, Yaroslav is a stubborn, persistent, athletic, healthy child. Yaroslav gives in to someone else's influence. Yaroslav will grow up the way his parents, teachers, and the rest of the environment "blind" him.

At school and in subsequent educational institutions, Yaroslav studies without much enthusiasm.

Yaroslav is bold and optimistic. He will not allow himself to be broken by any problems and adversity.

Yaroslav is quite selfish, although outwardly he gives the impression of a kind, sympathetic and generous person, he knows exactly what he needs from life.

Yaroslav is assertive and always achieves his goal. He, finding himself in a difficult life situation, acts clearly and quickly. Yaroslav can work as a mechanic, engineer, driver, electrician.


Yaroslav has great sexual potential. Yaroslav loves long and sophisticated sex. However, it often remains not completely satisfied. Yaroslav, fearing of offending his partner, carefully hides his dissatisfaction with proximity.

Yaroslav is reliable in relationships, he prefers a long relationship with one woman, short, unpredictable intrigues.

In sex, Yaroslav is unstoppable, he is the undoubted leader in intimacy, the woman fulfills all his requests and desires. Yaroslav is able to give a woman great pleasure, if only he feels strong with her, her conqueror.

Yaroslav refers to women as some kind of weak, delicate, fragile creatures who need to be protected and guided by wise advice or action.

Sex for Yaroslav is one of the most important components of love. Yaroslav, in order to go to bed with a woman, must be confident in her feelings for him. Intimacy with his beloved Yaroslav necessarily begins with an unusually gentle and romantic foreplay.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius.


The sound of the name Yaroslav gives the impression of something strong, majestic, bright.

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