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Meaning of the name

Yang in translation from Old Slavonic means "given by God".


In childhood, Yang is capricious, nervous, and often suffers from colds. Yang is a good student at school, has many friends, and is sociable. Since childhood, Yang likes to solve problems for the development of logical thinking.

In his youth, Yang often has problems with alcohol, however, thanks to good willpower, he successfully copes with it. Yang in adulthood is a sincere, open person, kind, self-confident, stubborn, hardworking. Yang has a logical mindset, he gets out of a difficult situation with dignity, makes far-sighted decisions.

Possessing the wisdom of life, he does not divide people into "bad" and "good" - he always tries to understand a person.

Yang is a good family man, a loving father. He is an optimist, he infects other people with his optimism. Jan is intelligent, well-mannered, correct, an interesting conversationalist.

Yang, born in winter, has an unstable nervous system, quick-tempered, stubborn.

Born in the fall, he is calm, docile, reasonable, more restrained in showing emotions.

Jan, born in spring, a good-natured, witty person, is not capable of offending a person, likes to sort things out through a long conversation, good cognac, in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Born in summer, kind and witty, but vulnerable and too sensitive.


Yang constantly tries to appear more sophisticated, more intelligent than he really is. This is caused by small inferiority complexes associated with, in his opinion, little experience of sexual intercourse.

Jan likes outwardly beautiful women, tastefully dressed. At first, he does not attach much importance to the inner content, he is worried about bright packaging. Jan did not dare to deal with women, and this gives him a certain charm. Yang in a relationship with a woman is not predictable, he seems to be experiencing his feelings and the feelings of his beloved, often to the detriment of himself.

Yang brings the spirit of adventurism into his personal life, however, not all women like it. Tries not to let the relationship become "serious". Appreciates bachelor's freedom. In sex, Jan is completely liberated if the partner gives herself completely and goes to meet all his desires.

Jan is a skillful and sophisticated lover. He enjoys erotic play, foreplay, sometimes even more than the process itself.

Yang has a certain animal roughness, but compensates for it with tenderness and affection. He loves to talk about sex with friends, but in conversation he mostly shares his experiences. He is not interested in someone else's experience.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Virgo.


The sound of the name Yang gives the impression of something bright, big, loud.

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