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Abele - Shepherd
Abramau is the father of many
Agostino - venerable
Agepeto - beloved
Agepito - favorite
Adamo - earth
Adolfo - the noble wolf
Adriano - from Hadriya
Adelberto - bright nobility
Adelfiri - noble oath
Alberto - a bright nobility
Alviz is a famous warrior
Aldo - noble
Alessandro - Defender of Humanity
Alessio - defender
Alonzo - noble and ready
Alpfonso - noble and ready
Alfeo - change (replacement)
Alfonso - noble and ready
Alfredo - Elf's lawyer
Amadeo - loving god
Amato is the favorite
Ambrogino - small, immortal
Ambrozhino - immortal
Amedeo - loving god
Amerigo - the power of work
Ampelayo - grapevine
Amendo is attractive
Anacleto - Summoned
Anastasio - recovery
Angelo - angel, messenger
Andrea - human (male), warrior
Angelo - angel, messenger
Anselmo - God's protection
Antonello - invaluable
Antonino is invaluable
Antonio is invaluable
Anatolayo - East and Sunrise
Arduino is a hardy friend
Arcangelo - Archangel
Armando - brave / hardy man (male)
Arnaldo - eagle power
Arldo - army leader
Arrigo - the power of work
Arsenio - Mature
Arturo - from the legend of King Arthur
Attilayo is a derivative of Attila
Augusto - venerable
Aurelio - golden
Achil - pain

Baldassare - protecting the king
Baldovino is a brave friend
Bartolo - son of Talmay
Bartolomeo - son of Telmei
Bartolommeo - son of Telmei
Basilio is the king
Battista - Baptist
Benvenuto - welcoming
Benedetto - Blessed
Beniamino - son of southerners
Benigno - kind
Beppe - he will multiply
Bernardino - bold as a bear
Bernardo - bold as a bear
Bertoldo is an intelligent ruler
Bertrando is a bright raven
Bettino - Blessed
Biagio - speaking in a whisper
Biajio - speaking in a whisper
Biejino - speaking in a whisper

Valentino - healthy, strong
Valerio - strong
Wenceslao - more glory
Vincenzo - Conqueror
Vico - conqueror, victory
Winikayo - grapevine
Vincente - Conquest
Vincenzo - Conquest
Virgilio - State Representative
Vitale - from life, life
Vito - lively, lively
Vittore - conqueror, victory
Vittorino - conquering, victory
Vittorio - conquering, victory
Venny is good god

Gabriel is a strong man of god
Gaspar - cherish the bearer
Gasparo - cherish the bearer
Gaston - from Gascony
Gaetano - from Keita (Gaeta, Italy)
Goffredo - God's World
Gregario - cautious, alert
Graziano - pleasing, pleasant
Gualtiero - ruler of the army
Guglielmo - helmet
Guerino - protection, protecting
Guido - forest
Gustavo - to meditate
Gavino - from Gabium

David is beloved
Daniele - God is my judge
Dante - steady
Dario - possesses many, rich
Desi - very willing
Desiderio - really want
Demetrio - earth lover
Derant - steady
Jacopo - Destructive
Gennaro - January
Gerolamo - the holy name
Geronimo is a holy name
Gianni is a good god
Giacinto - hyacinth flower
Gino is a small immortal and a small farmer
Gioacchino - established by god
Gioachino - established by god
Giovanni is a good god
Jiosu - God - Salvation
Giorgino - the little peasant
Girolamo - the holy name
Jiempiro - God is kind
Giampaolo - God is kind and small
Gianmarko - God is kind and warlike
Jianmaria - God is kind and beloved
Giannino is a good god
Gianpyro - God is kind
Gianpeolo - God is kind and small
Giordano - flowing down
Giorgio the peasant
Giuseppe - multiplying
Giuliano - with a soft beard, symbolic reference to youth
Giulio - with a soft beard, symbolic reference to youth
Justino - fair, only
Dino - Abbreviations for longer names ending in "dino"
Domenico - owned by the lord
Donato - given (by God)
Donatello - given (by God)
Dorieno - from the Doric tribe
Drago - dragon
Duilayo - war
Damieno - taming, subduing

Jacob - annihilating
Jaccomo - annihilating
Zhambatista - God is kind and Baptist
Giancarlo - God is kind and man
Jeanluigi is a good and famous warrior
Jeanluca - God is kind and from Lucanius
Jeanfranco - God is kind and free
Gerardeau - spear, brave
Gervasio - servant of the spear
Germano - brother
Giraldo - ruler of the spear

Ignazio - ignorance
Ilaraio - joyful, happy
Innocenzo - safe, innocent
Ippolito - freer from the horse
Isaiah - God - Salvation
Italo - from Italy

Calvino is a little bald
Callisto is the most beautiful
Camillo - keeper
Carlo is a man
Carlos is a man
Carmine - vineyard
Kasimiro - famous / great destroyer
Cypriano - from Cyprus
Kyriako - from the lord
Cyrillo - Lord
Kirino - like the sun
Kiro is like the sun
Claudio is lame
Clemente - gentle and merciful
Cleto - Summoned
Colombano - pigeon
Colombo - pigeon
Conchetto - concept
Corrado - a daring meeting
Cosimo - beauty
Cosmo - beauty
Costanzo - steady
Costantino - steady
Kreskenzo - growing, prosperous
Cross - cross, crucifix
Christiano - follower of Christ
Cristoforo - bearer of the cross
Crokifisso - cross, crucifix
Crocquixio - cross, crucifix
Quirino - men together
Calogero - handsome, senior

Ladislao - reigning with glory
Lazzaro - my god helped
Laseraio - warrior of people
Lauro - laurel
Leon - lion
Leonardo is a strong lion
Leonzio - like a lion
Leopoldo is a brave man
Liberator - Liberator
Liborayo - free
Livio - bluish
Lindro - the lion man
Lino is a cry of grief
Lodovico is a famous warrior
Lorenzo - from Lorentum
Ludoviko is a famous warrior
Luigi is a famous warrior
Luigino is a famous warrior
Luke - from Lucanius
Lucio - lightweight
Luciano - lightweight

Macario - the blessed one
Manfredo - world of power
Mariano - like Marius
Mario is a man, mature
Markellino - warlike
Marco is militant
Marcello - warlike
Martino - from Mars
Marzio - Warlike
Maso is a twin
Massimiliano is the largest
Massimo is the biggest
Matteo - a gift from God
Mattia - a gift from God
Maurizio - black, Moor
Mauro - black, Moor
Melchiore - the city of the king
Meo is the son of Telmei
Michelangelo - Who Is Like God? angel, messenger
Michel - Who Is Like God?
Modesto - moderate, sober
Melvolio - malevolence
Menlayo - morning
Marino - from the sea

Nazario - from Nazareth
Nanzayo - Announcing
Napoleone - dwarf, elf
Narkiso - numbness, sleep
Nevayo - definite
Nerayo - water
Nero is a wise warrior
Nestor - returning home
Niccolo - victory of people
Niko - victory of people
Nicodemo - victory of people
Nikola - victory of people
Nicolo - victory of people
Nicomedo - Victory Scheme
Nikostreto - the army of victory
Nino is a good god
Noldo - shorthand for names ending in "naldo"
Nathanel - God gave

Ovidio - Shepherd of Sheep
Orazio - having good eyesight
Orlando is a famous land
Orsino - like a bear
Orso - bear
Orfeo - darkness of the night
Osvaldo - God - Power and Law
Ottaviano - eighth
Ottavio - eighth

Paolo - small
Pasquale - Easter Child
Patrizio is a nobleman
Pellegrino the wanderer
Pinot is an abbreviation for names ending in "pinot"
Pio - devout
Plinio - form from Plinius, unknown meaning
Plakido - calm, calm
Pompeo - show, solemn procession
Ponzio - sailor
Porfiraio - purple
Prima - first
Prospero - lucky, successful
Prudenzayo - cautious
Pierrot - rock, stone
Pietro - rock, stone
Palmiro - the pilgrim
Pancrazio - All Power
Pantaleon - lion
Penfilo is everyone's friend
Paeolino - small
Parade - bet
Pasquelino - Easter child

Raggiro - the famous spear
Reil the wise wolf
Raimondo is a wise defender
Remigio - rower
Remo - fast
Renato - Born Again
Renzo - from Laurentum
Riccardo - strong and brave
Rico - house manager
Rinaldo is a wise ruler
Reno is an abbreviation for names ending in "rino"
Roberto - famous
Rodolfo - famous wolf
Rocco - rest
Romano - Roman
Romeo - the one who made the pilgrimage to Rome
Romolo - from Rome
Ruggiero - the famous spear
Rufino - redhead
Raniro is a wise warrior
Raffeel - God healed
Raffaello - God has healed

Saverio - new home
Samuele - God listened
Sandro is the protector of humanity
Santino is a saint
Santo is a saint
Sebastiano - from Sebeist (city in Asia Minor)
Severino - strict
Severieno - strict
North - strict
Celestino - heavenly
Selso - high
Serafino - burning
Sergio - Servant
Cecilio - blind
Sesto - sixth
Settimayo - seventh
Silayo - heaven
Silvano - from the forest
Silvestro - from the forest
Silvio - from the forest
Silino - heaven
Simone - listening
Sisarino - hairy
Ssevola - clumsy
Stefano - crown
Sabino - from Sabine
Savio is smart
Savino - from Sabine
Sansone - sun
Saturnino - sow

Taddeo - Given by God
Theobaldo is a brave man
Teodosayo - Giving God
Teodoro - a gift from God
Teofilo is a friend of god
Terenzio - wipe, turn, turn
Terzo - third
Tisiano - of titans
Timoteo - God Worshiper
Tito - white clay, white earth
Tommaso - twin
Tonayo is invaluable
Tore is the savior
Torello - young bull
Tekito - dumb, quiet
Temmero - thought and fame
Tencredo - a meeting of thought

Uberto - bright heart / spirit
Hugo - heart, mind, or spirit
Ulderico is a merciful ruler
Ullise - to be angry, hating
Umberto - bright support
Urbano - city dweller

Fabiano - as Fabius
Fabio - bob
Fabrizio - master
Fiorenzo - blooming
Falvayo - yellow
Faustino - lucky
Fausto is lucky
Fedel is a devotee
Federigo is a peaceful ruler
Federico is a peaceful ruler
Feliz - lucky
Feliciano - lucky
Ferdinando - prepared for the trip
Ferro - iron
Ferrusio - stroking
Filiberto - very bright / famous
Filipo - a lover of horses
Filippo the horse lover
Fillipo is a horse lover
Firmino - sustainable
Flavio - yellow hair
Florieno - flower
Fonz - noble and ready
Fonzi - noble and ready
Fons - noble and ready
Fonsi - noble and ready
Fortunato - lucky
Franco - free
Francesco - free
Fredieno - cold
Fredo - God's World

Hironomo - the holy name

Cesare - Hairy

Egidio - a child, a young goat
Edmondo - Defender of Prosperity
Edoardo - Guardian of Prosperity
Ezzelin - Little Noble
Ezio - eagle
Eliodoro - a gift from the sun
Elia - god is my god
Eligio - choose
Eliseo - my god is salvation
Elmo - helmet, protection
Elpidaio - hope
Elerayo - joyful, happy
Emanuele - God is with us
Emilio - rival
Emiliano - rival
Enzo is an abbreviation for longer names containing the element "enzo"
Ennio - predestined or favorite of god
Enrico - house manager
Ercole - the glory of Hera
Ermanno - army man
Ermete - from the earth
Erminayo - from the ground
Ernesto - fight death
Estechaio - good yield / stability
Ettore - protective, holding fast
Eugenio - Well Born
Eusibio - devout
Eustorgio - satisfied
Efizio - from the hilt

Yustechaio - good harvest, stability

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