Murphy's Laws for the Internet

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The Internet is a system that defies classification.

The law of renewal

Specific information that has not been updated on some site for years will be replaced an hour before you need it.

The first rule of large files

The closer to the end of the download of a large file, the higher the probability of failure.

Second rule of large files

The value of the information contained in a file transferred via FTP is inversely proportional to the size of this file.

ANSI News Law

The urgency of the downloaded information is inversely proportional to the current bandwidth of the channel.

Volatile mail rule

Even with an unstable email, you will definitely receive the email that you least want to receive.

The law of contradiction

The more reliable the protection seems, the more people who want to crack it.


For better information security, one should refrain from public statements about the high crypto resistance of protection.

The rule of simple means

Refusal to transfer data is more reliable than any encryption.

The data persistence paradox

The safest way to store information is not to store it at all.

Hacker's Intelligent Differentiation Principle

The question of what to do with the information obtained requires much more mental effort from the hacker than the process of obtaining it.

KOI-8 postulate

The ability to create difficulties for oneself is an integral feature of the Russian-speaking part of the Internet.

ANSI Philosophical Correction

Being is a virtual reality given to us for sensations.

ANSI Statistical Research Outcome

Pornography is the driving force behind the Internet.

Dyslexia axiom

For people who cannot read, hypertext is not an alternative to plain text.

The first symptom of network withdrawal

Avid web surfers are prone to bouts of claustrophobia when disconnected from the Internet.

Second symptom of network withdrawal

Internet-addicted users are ready to commit any crime to restore their connection.

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