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Iolana - flying
Akela - noble
Akeneki - chaste, saint
Alamea - precious
Alana - awakening, proposal
Alani - orange tree
Alaula - dawn, dawn light
Aolani - heavenly cloud
Apikalia - Father's Joy

Vicolia - conqueror, victory

Iquique - God sees
Ipo - beloved, beloved

Kakalina - pure
Kala - princess
Kalama - Blazing Torch
Kalani - heaven, heaven
Kalea - bright
Kalei - sweetheart, flower / wreath
Kali - hesitant
Kamea - that and only
Kani - sonorous, sounding
Keiki - child
Keilani - gorgeous, home
Keilna - pure
Kekepania - crown
Kekona - the second
Keona - a kind gift from God
Kiana - divine, heavenly
Keel - fragrant blossom, gardenia
Keela - trail
Kilikina is a follower of Christ
Kinna is kind
Kona is a lady
Conani - bright
Kay - sea
Keia - sea
Keikala - sea and sun
Kayla - style
Keilani - sea and sky
Kaymana - Ocean Power
Keyolohia - the calming sea

Lala - laurel
Lana - afloat, calm as still water
Doe - heaven, sky
Leilani - heavenly flowers
Leia - child of heaven
Leikhla - sheep
Lilo is generous
Lokelani - small red rose
Luana - contented, happy

Makala - myrtle
Malana - floating, light
Mali - calm
Raspberry - soothing, soothing
Malia is the sweetheart
Mana - gifts
Mahina - moon, moonlight
Meiklina - from Magdala
Meca - eyes
Mel - song
Melika - honey bee
Mikil - agile, fast
Miliani - tender, tenderness
Moana - Ocean
Mail - grapevine
Meilea - wild flower

Nakain - hope
Nalani - Heaven
Nani - beauty, shine
But - fog, misty rain
Noelani - heavenly girl, mist of heaven

Okelani - from heaven
Ola - life, prosperous
Oliana - oliander
Olina - joyful

Sang - lava
Woodwood - blooming

Khalia - memories of a loved one
Heiki is a noble species
Hoquea - Snow White

Eineki - chaste, saint
Elikeipka - God is my oath

Yua - alive, living


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