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Meaning of the name

Gloria translated from Latin means "happiness", "glory".


The character of these agile, everywhere successful girls is maternal, although outwardly they look like fathers. In childhood, they often get sick, in those born in the spring - weak lungs.

Gloria is talented, inquisitive and well-read, she is not devoid of a poetic gift, she will gladly devote a poem to her friend or friend for her birthday. She is sociable, but she often chooses men for communication and enjoys success with them. Gloria is confident in herself, will take on any unfamiliar business, which does not mean that she will bring it to the end.

She is a supporter of starting her life from scratch. And she will start it this way, deleting the past from her life, everything that can hurt her husband at least a little. She catches everything in life on the fly, and although she lacks perseverance and hard work, her life is very successful.

Gloria stands out in society with sufficient self-confidence and restraint. Sometimes she is sociable, but you can’t call her talkative in any way - most often in her speech there is calm prudence, and not emotionality, which gives her a somewhat masculine character. She has a sense of purpose, constancy, and the desire to restrain her emotions gives her feelings depth and stability.

It is a pity that this does not only refer to positive emotions, negative tension can also accumulate in her soul, which over time can make Gloria rather irritable, and this, in turn, will complicate her already difficult relationship with others.

Gloria is an independent person and knows how to be responsible for her actions. There is no doubt that her endurance and patience can help her achieve success in life, but only because of her closeness she often feels lonely on her life path.

This can be avoided if Gloria is able to learn to relate more easily to life and, above all, to herself, if there is a little more good humor in her character, then in life she will have no place for inner tension, irritability, or loneliness.

Born in winter with a somewhat unstable psyche, hot-tempered, some of them are prone to infectious diseases. They get along well with people, but they can't find a common language with their own mother. They love long-distance business trips, they are very light on money. They dress fashionably and brightly.

Glorias, born in the fall, are prudent, they do everything without unnecessary haste, just as thoroughly, without haste, they choose their life partner. They are easy-going and pleasant people to communicate, not offended, able to appreciate a subtle joke and respond to it.

If Gloria seems to you a little arrogant and arrogant, then try to talk to her heart to heart, most likely you will find a rather kind person behind this mask. But in a conversation with her, try to be guided by calm logic, and not emotions. If you decide to joke, then do it so as not to hurt her vanity. Besides, the joke should be subtle enough.


Gloria is firmly convinced that she knows everything well, for this she has reason, because she always relies on common sense. She is far from indifferent to erotic games, she is susceptible to male caresses, to the touch of a loving male hand to her body, she is especially sensitive to breast caresses.

Not every partner can bring Gloria to a climax in order to give her the highest pleasure, he must be especially gentle and inventive in a love game, which for Gloria can mean more than the sexual act itself.

Just loving Gloria is not enough, you still need to master all the difficult art of intimacy. Gloria is able to unexpectedly for her partner, amaze him, to show previously unknown sexual abilities. She always enjoys the feeling of novelty in dealing with a man.

Gloria is emotional, domineering, knows well what she needs, and knows how to achieve her goal. She loves to conquer men, in their society she is transformed - she becomes lively, charming, flirtatious.

Gloria conquers men with caring, surrounds them with warmth and tenderness - she can be an excellent partner for those who are interested in not only sex in her. She loves strong, courageous men, it gives her pleasure to win over them, to dominate the sexual process.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Aquarius, Gemini.


The sound of the name Gloria gives the impression of something angular, courageous, strong, mighty, agile, bright.

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