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Abelard - noble and stable
August - venerable
Agidius - a child, a young goat
Adalard - strength
Adalbrecht - bright nobility
Adalwalf - noble wolf
Adalric - a noble rule
Adalricus - the all-powerful, ruler of all
Adalstan - a noble stone
Adalwolf - noble wolf
Adalhard - noble power
Adalbert - bright nobility
Addler - eagle
Adelalf - noble wolf
Adelbrecht - bright nobility
Adelmar - noble and famous
Adelric is a noble rule
Adelhard is a noble force
Ajid - a child, a young goat
Adlar - eagle
Adler is an eagle
Adolf is a noble wolf
Alard is a noble force
Alaricus - the all-powerful, ruler of all
Albert - noble shine
Almeric - the power of work
Alois is a famous warrior
Altman is an old man
Alfikhar - elf army
Alphonse - noble and ready
Amalyricus - the power of work
Amalric - the power of work
Amalrich - the power of work
Aniko - ancestor
Ankel - Protecting God
Ansgar - the spear of the god
Ansell - Protecting God
Ansell - Protecting God
Anselm - Protecting God
Anselm - God Protector
Ansobert - bright by god
Apsel - my father - the world
Arman is a brave, hardy man
Armen is an army man
Armin is an army man
Arn - the power of the eagle
Arndt - the power of the eagle
Arne - the power of the eagle
Arnold - the power of the eagle
Arthur - from "King Arthur"
Astor is a hawk
Ahlf - noble wolf
Azzo - noble from birth

Bamber - tree trunk
Baptist - Baptist
Barthold is a bright ruler
Bartolemos - son of Talmey
Bartholomos - son of Talmei
Benedict - Blessed
Beringar - bear spear
Bernd - bold as a bear
Berndt - bold as a bear
Bernhard - bold as a bear
Berthold is a bright ruler
Berhard - strong defense
Bolder - Prince
Bonifatz - good destiny, destiny
Bruno - brown
Bruns - brown

Varin - protection, defender
Welten - healthy, strong
Wendel - movement, wanderer
Wenzeslos - More Glory
Wenzel - More Glory
Werner - Army Guard
Werther is a worthy army
Vig is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Vigvar"
Wieland - military territory or battlefield
Wilbert is a bright fortress
Villafrid - the world of desires
Willie - helmet
Wilfried - the world of desires
Wilfreet - the world of desires
Wilhelm - helmet
Wim - helmet
Winsenz the conqueror
Winfried - friend of the world
Witold - ruler of the forest
Warrior - protection, protector
Voldemar - famous ruler
Voldo - the rule
Voldhar - ruler of the army
Voldari - ruler of the army, warrior
Volker - People's Army
Wolf is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Wolf"
Wolfgang - the road of the wolf
Tungsten - the raven of the wolf

Gaidin is a pagan
Hans is a good god
Gantram - War Raven
Georg is a peasant
Gerard - the brave spear
Gerart - the brave spear
Herbert is a bright army
Gerhard - home ruler
Godafrid - God's world
Gozzo - good or god
Homeric - human resources
Horst - wooded hill
Gotthard - Strong by God
Gottilf - God's help
Gottlieb - God's love
Gottlob - Praise from God
Gottold - adorned by god
Gottfried - God's world
Gotcholk - the servant god
Gofried - world of territory
Gotz - the world of god
Garawald - wielder of the spear
Gunther - military army
Günther - military army

Dachs - badger
Dederic - King of Nations
Dedric - King of Nations
Dedrich - King of Nations
Detlef - folk heritage
Jacob is the oppressor
Jebbert - a gift for the courage of strength
Jebhard - a gift for courage, strength
Jevhehard - brave, hardy, strong
Jerwalf - wolf spear
Jervas - Servant of the Spear
Jerd is a brave spear
Jereon is an old man
Jerlak - the game of the spear
Gernot - spear and crush or need
Jerrit the brave spear
Jert - the brave spear
Jerfried - world of the spear
Jerhardt - the brave spear
Jerhold - wielder of the spear
Gisilbert - bail
Jisfried - the pledge of peace
Joseph - he will multiply
Jockham - established by god
Jokan - established by god
Jorg is a peasant
Jochim - established by god
Diederik - King of Nations
Diederich - King of Nations
Didi - warrior of people
Didrich - King of Nations
Dieret - warrior of people
Dieselm - protector of people
Dirk - King of Nations
Dietlind - of soft people
Dietmar - one of the famous people
Dietrich - King of Nations
Dietfried - from peaceful people

Eremias - Appointed by God
Ers - bear

Theodore - a gift from God

Ivo - yew tree
Ignaz - ignorance
Isaac - he will laugh
Isidor - a gift from Isis
Ingvaz - he who is the first
Inj is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Inj"
Isaac - he will laugh

Johan is a good god

Karl is a man, a free man
Karlmann - Human
Carloman is a man
Karsten - follower of Christ
Kaspar - cherish him
Kert - a daring meeting
Kipp - the hill dweller
Kiefer - pine
Clemens - gentle and merciful
Clos - victory of the people
Coleman - pigeon
Koloman - dove
Konrad - a daring meeting
Constantine - steady
Corbinian - raven
Corble - raven
Christophe - Christ the Bearer
Xaver - new home
Kuno is brave
Kayetan - from Gaeta (Italy)
Kaiser - hairy

Lubbert is bright
Ludwig is a famous warrior
Lammert - Bright Lands
Lamprecht - bright lands
Landebert - Bright Lands
Landoberkt - bright lands
Lanzo - earth
Leberecht - lively, correct
Lenz - from Laurentum
Leon - lion
Leonhard is a strong lion
Leonhardt is a strong lion
Leopold is bold
Leudbold - bold
Liafwin - beloved, dear friend
Liutbert - bright
Lorenz - from Lorentum
Lothar - the people's warrior
Lothair - warrior of the people
Ludger - the spear of the people
Luitger - the spear of the people
Luitpold - bold
Lukash - from Lucania
Lutz is a famous warrior

Maximilian is the biggest
Manfred - world of power
Manfried - world of power
Marcus is warlike
Martin - from Mars
Matis - a gift from God
Meinard - strong and brave
Meino - strength
Meinrad - Strong Meeting
Meinhard - strong and brave
Menno is strength
Merten - from Mars
Moritz - black, Moor

Niklos - victory of the people
Nikolaus - the victory of the people
Nikolos - victory of people

Odo is rich
Alberic - the power of the elf
Alberich - elf rule
Albrekt - bright nobility
Albrecht - bright nobility
Oldman - old man
Aldrick is an old ruler who has ruled for a long time
Aldris is an old ruler who has ruled for a long time
Aldrich is an old ruler who has ruled for a long time
Allard is a noble force
Aldrich is an old ruler who has ruled for a long time
Ortvin is a friend
Orel - golden
Otto is rich
Ottokar - cautious because of wealth

Pankrats - all power
Parzifal - the valley into which they penetrate
Parzifal - the valley that is penetrated
Poldi is bold
Halfway - bold

Raban - raven
Rajinmand is a wise protector
Radulf the wise wolf
Raimund is a wise defender
Rainer is a wise warrior
Reinhard - wise and strong
Reinhold is a wise ruler
Ralph is a wise wolf
Raphael - God has healed
Reginar is a wise warrior
Reginmand is a wise defender
Reginold is a wise ruler
Reginhard - wise and strong
Rain is wise
Reto - from Rhaetiya
Rickerdt - powerful and brave
Rickert is powerful and brave
Richard is powerful and brave
Rothger - famous spear
Rudy is the famous wolf
Rudiger - famous spear
Rudolph - the famous wolf
Rupert - famous
Rupprecht - famous
Rainer is a wise warrior

Sasha is the protector of humanity
Severin - strict
Sepp - he will multiply
Seppel - he will increase
Sigard - Enduring Victory
Sigbert - a bright victory
Sigmand - Victory Defender
Siegfried - World of Victory
Siji - the world of victory
Sijiswald - the rule of victory
Sijismand - Victory Defender
Sik - victory
Simen - listening
Stephen - crown
Steffen - crown

Tancred - a meeting of thought
Tjark - King of Nations
Tederic - King of Nations
Till is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Till"
Tillo is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Till"
Tiwos - god
Trogoth - Trusting God

Uv - blade
Udo is a child
Ulbrecht - wolf and bright
Ulrich - Prosperity and Power
Walachfried - foreign world
Walter - ruler of the army
Watan - Madness, Inspiration, Anger
Uz - prosperity and power
Wendell - movement, wanderer

Falbert - very bright, famous
Falco - tribe
Faramond - protection, defender
Fastred - steady meeting
Fed is a peaceful ruler
Fester - from the forest
Philip the horse lover
Philo - to love
Florenc - blooming
Franz - free
Fredderk - Peaceful
Frege - Lord
Friedemann is a man of peace
Frederick is a peaceful ruler
Friedhelm - protector of the world
Freedhold is a peaceful force
Fritz is a peaceful ruler
Hazelnut - very bright, famous

Hagan - the tall son
Heinz - home ruler
Hunk is a good god
Harald - army ruler
Hardwin is a hardy friend
Harman is a brave, hardy man
Harmand is a brave, hardy man
Hartwig - a strong battle
Hartwin is a hardy friend
Hartman is a strong personality
Hartmut - brave, strong in spirit
Hayden is a pagan
Hayk - home ruler
Heiko - home ruler
Heilgar - Heart Spear
Haymeric - home ruler
Heimo - home
Hein - home ruler
Hayner - home ruler
Heino - home ruler
Helmudt - the courage of the helmet
Helmut - the courage of the helmet
Helmfried - world of the helmet
Helfgot - God's help
Helfried - world of the helmet
Henning - Home Ruler
Henrik - House Ruler
Heribert is a bright army
Herman is an army man
Herrick - Army Power
Hilbert - a flamboyant battle
Hildebert - a bright battle
Hildebrand - sword of battle
Hinrich - House Ruler
Chladwig is a famous warrior
Chlodovik is a famous warrior
Hraban - raven
Hroda - famous
Hrodalf - the famous wolf
Hrodwolf - the famous wolf
Chrodebert - famous
Hrodland is a famous land
Hrodrik is a known power
Khrolf - the famous wolf
Hugubert - bright heart, opinion, spirit
Hulderic is a merciful ruler
Hunfreet - peaceful, giant
Huppert - bright heart, opinion, spirit
Hupprecht - bright heart, opinion, spirit
Haymirich - House Ruler
Heimo - home

Chustaffus - meditator

Eb - strong as a hog
Eberard - strong as a hog
Eberart - strong as a hog
Ebert - strong as a hog
Eberhard - strong as a hog
Abner - father
Evert - strong as a hog
Eggert - Strong Sword
Egon - the edge of the sword
Edzard is a mighty sword
Edsel - noble
Edward is the guardian of prosperity
Eilert - Strong Sword
Eckbert - the sharp edge of the sword
Ekehard - the strong sword
Eckhard is a strong sword
Eckhardt is a strong sword
Eldric the old ruler
Eldrich is the old ruler
Elldrich - the old ruler
Emeric - the power of work
Emeris - the power of work
Emil - rival
Emmerich - the power of work
Emorrie is a hardworking power
Engel - angel
Angelbert - bright, famous
Ann is an eagle
Erwin - honoring friend, friendship
Erdman is a strong personality
Erdmudt - brave and brave
Erdmut - brave and brave
Erich - ruler
Ernst is a fighter against death
Erhard - brave and noble
Eugen - Well Born
Etzel - noble

Euald - Rightful Ruler
Jurgen - peasant

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