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Meaning of the name

Françoise means "Frenchwoman" in French.


As a child, Françoise gives the impression of a sweet, sociable girl, laughing, who loves to chat with her friends about trifles. Her weak point is the upper respiratory tract, she often catches a cold, but does not withdraw into herself, but only strives for communication with even greater zeal.

Françoise is all like a father, a typical "father's daughter", on his part he knows nothing of refusal. She studies well at school, especially if classes are in the second shift, since Françoise loves to soak up the bed, he spends all the energy in the evening.

An adult François, is not distinguished by punctuality and obligation. But if the proposed business arouses her interest, she is able to completely devote herself to work, forgetting about lunch breaks and weekends.

Françoise is persistent in achieving the goal, stubborn, active. Most often, he chooses work with a free schedule, which assumes as much independence as possible, the ability to make decisions and implement from life. Achieves success in the field of private entrepreneurship and art.


Françoise is very beautiful and flirtatious, expressive and eccentric. Under the influence of alcohol, he loses control over himself, can make noise, even bully, pester men.

A woman with this name from the breed of libertines, if she liked a man, completely succumbs to a wave of passion, is able to offer herself to make love, and in the most unexpected place.

However, as a rule, her hobbies quickly pass - after several stormy nights, she cools off to a partner and goes in search of another man, not at all tormented by a breakdown.

Sex for her is just a way to get pleasure and gain experience. Therefore, she tries to choose partners, experienced both in life and in love games. In bed, she prefers equality, but if she sees that a man is much more experienced in matters of love, she allows him to rule.

Françoise is very wasteful, does not know the account of money, loves to receive and give expensive gifts. She does not marry for a long time, looking for only a temperamental, but also a wealthy man who can support a family and fulfill all her whims. Over time, she becomes an excellent housewife, tries to keep her family together, no matter what.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Gemini, Virgo, Pisces.


The sound of the name of Françoise gives the impression of something light, joyful, bright, mobile.

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