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People need vivid human images. Meanwhile, they are constantly in sight - dancing, singing and advertising goods.

Even in Russian literature there is a similar character, we are talking about the famous lieutenant Kizhe. Below are the ten most famous fictional characters, ghost people that exist today.

Amy Eguchi. A new singer has recently appeared in the Japanese pop group AKV48. The cute singer is named Amy Eguchi. However, do not be too enthusiastic about the attractiveness of a girl. Fans soon found out her most important and terrible secret for them - Amy exists only on the computer. To create such an image, the creators took some trait from each member of the musical group and superimposed them on the virtual model of the girl. And it turned out to be even easier to come up with a life story for the image. According to legend, Amy was 16 years old, she was born in the town of Saitami, near Tokyo. From an early age, the girl took part in athletics competitions. Her first photo session immediately hit the pages of Playboy. The virtual image took up 150 GB of disk space, and as a result, people got what they wanted. Today the virtual and real worlds are mixing more and more. We are already at a level where digital technologies are quietly replacing creatures of flesh and blood for us. One has only to allocate enough memory for this on the hard disk of the computer.

George Burdell. This character was born in 1927. Then the selection committee of the Institute of Technology in the state of Georgia mistakenly sent two forms to the entrant Ed Smith instead of the prescribed one. The young man decided to play a joke and filled out the second document in the name of George Bourdelle, which he invented for such an occasion. While studying at the institute, Ed did not forget to enroll Bourdelle in all the courses he attended. He even did all his homework for this character, signing with his own name. It is not surprising that George was able to successfully graduate from college. The other students quickly saw the deception, but decided not to betray Ed, but to play along with him. Burdell was even admitted to the oldest secret society in Georgia in 1930.

As a result of virtual life, Burdell has developed a very vivid resume. He allegedly flew 12 combat missions over Europe during World War II in a B-17 bomber. From 1969 to 1981, George served on the board of directors of one of the magazines. In 2001, Time magazine nominated him for the title of person of the year. But then Burdell was already 90 years old. So George did not win the honorary title, he was removed from the competition, not even looking at his leadership with a rating of 57%. The management of the university has long since discovered the fact of the substitution of documents. But they even encourages the existence of such a colorful character, considering all this the best joke in the entire existence of the institute. Today, the father's work within its walls is continued by his son, Burdell Jr. And George himself is happy to make new friends - he has several thousand of them only on his Facebook page.

David Manning. Hollywood produces far more bad and disastrous films than the grossing and rush ones. So it happened with the comedy "Animal" with Rob Schneider. It was clear that a wave of criticism awaited the tape. The reviews ended up being so bad that the marketing department of Sony, the film's sponsor, had to come up with their own film critic. He had to somehow smooth out the negative background by giving a positive review. As a result, Manning began to praise other films in his reviews - "Invisible Man", "Patriot" and "Vertical Limit". But tricking the audience proved to be difficult. California moviegoers Ann Belknap and Omar Rezek are suing the corporation. The movie lovers' class action lawsuit stated that they watched the said films on Manning's advice and were disappointed. The company "Sony" decided to hush up the scandal and did not bring the case to court - the victims of the fake journalist received compensation on their own. Although who knows, maybe this trick is still in vogue with film companies? And we are invited to go to a new "great" film by characters invented by the producers? After all, it is so easy to write a good review if no one real is responsible for it.

Aunt Jemima. This woman is the face of a whole trademark. It is now owned by Quaker Oates in Chicago. And the brand was born back in 1893, although it was officially registered only in 1937. The image of a welcoming aunt came from the then popular "Minstrel Show". This woman embodied the stereotype of an African American character. She was slightly transformed and made the face of the "Aunt Jemima" brand. It was a commercial product of a reputable firm. In early 1964, my aunt even received the keys to Albion, Michigan. The actress pictured for the brand often came there to collect donations. Quaker Ots has launched Aunt Jemima's syrup since 1966, a low-calorie syrup went on sale in 1985, and 6 years later a concentrated syrup was added. As a result, the aunt became a trademark for decades! Every American can see this character in local stores. A kind, smiling black woman looks from the labels at the buyer. How can you not buy a product with such a good person?

Allegra Coleman. The writer Martha Sherrill decided to use some kind of star in her humorous articles. She came up with an original way out - to create her own fictional character. In November 1996, Esquire magazine published Mart's work, and in the photo the stars were pictures of a little-known actress and model Ali Larter. The article revealed that Woody Allen is launching his new movie starring Allegra Coleman. She is currently having a whirlwind romance with David Schwimmer, and the paparazzi were able to take scandalous photos of a nude couple. They wrote that the movie star is closely friends with Deepak Chopra, a famous doctor, writer and spiritual leader. But the deception was soon exposed by the editors of the magazine in a special press release. But her creator liked the image so much that Sherrill even wrote a satirical novel about the life of Hollywood stars. There she was already able to fully reveal the character of Allegra Coleman. My Last Movie Star was published in 2003 by Random House. The lucky chance, thanks to which Ali Larter appeared in the magazine, was a good impetus for her career. The actress became involved in television shows, starred in various famous films ("Destination", "Legally Blonde") and TV series (most famous for her role as Nicky Sanders in "NBC Heroes"). Even after it became known that Allegra Coleman was a fictional character, Ali stopped short of offers to act in films. She ended up essentially becoming actress Larter, who plays the role of actress Coleman.

Jack Dawson. The name of this man became known to people thanks to the film "Titanic". But did Jack Dawson not really exist? The fact that he was really on the ship on the night of the terrible tragedy is unknown. Although it is necessary to provide for the possibility that such a person secretly made his way to the Titanic, without having a ticket with him. It is believed that the characters Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson were invented by director James Cameron. He decided from the very beginning that his protagonists should be fictional. But after completing the script, Cameron learned that there was indeed a passenger on board the Titanic named J. Dawson. But this personality has nothing to do with the character from the movie. He was born in 1888 in Dublin, and at the time of his death in cold waters, Dawson was 24 years old. His body is buried with the rest of those killed in Nova Scotia. It is written on the grave - J. By the way, she is the most visited in the cemetery. Only now it is not known what this "J." means. Maybe it was Joseph or James, or maybe it was true, Jack?

Gorillaz. In 1998, the world saw an unusual English musical project called Gorillaz. It was created together by musician Damon Albarn and cartoonist Jamie Hewlett. The latter has already managed to get his portion of fame for his comic "Girl on the Tank". The project is a musical component and a whole fictional world in which a virtual group lives, drawn in the form of comics. The Gorillaz group has four members. 2D plays keyboards and sings, Murdoch Nichols plays bass, Russell Hobs plays drums, and Noodle plays guitar, keyboards and occasionally sings along. The latest technology of holographic projection has made it possible to create three-dimensional images of the band members. This is how she performed live at the 2006 Grammy Awards. The same technology made it possible to create a three-dimensional model of Madonna, as a result of which the singer's virtual double performed her hit "Hung Up" there. If the virtuality of Gorillaz was clear from the very beginning of the concert, then the audience did not immediately guess that it was not Madonna, but her double on the stage. Soon the success of the Grammy was repeated by the MTV Europe Music Awards, held in Lisbon. That, too, could not do without virtual stars. Launching the Gorillaz group does not exist in reality, but the music created by it is quite real to hear.

Hatsun Miku. Vocaloid exists under this name in our world. This is a computer program that allows you to combine text and melody and create an imitation of singing on their basis. At the same time, the voices of the singer and the actors are synthesized using a special technology. The word "vocaloid" is based on two components. "Vocals" means voice, and "android" means that the project is based on a computer basis. The user must enter the text and the melody, and then Hatsun Miku gets down to business. Launching this and a computer creation, she already has quite a lot of fans. Although Miku is not the only one in this genre, he is definitely the best. In the real world, she is not, the girl gives her concerts in the form of holograms. For this, as many as 16 projectors are used. They are directed to one point behind the screen, and then a three-dimensional effect occurs as a result of synchronization. It can be observed even without special glasses. Miku's first recordings appeared in Japan in 2007 by Krypton. The sales of such a product were so high that the manufacturer was forced to increase its circulation. In the first 12 days of the song, 3000 orders were placed. In total, according to the latest data, about 60 thousand copies of the programs were sold, and there were also copies of it. But usually sales of similar goods did not exceed thousands of pieces. The performances of this Japanese singer can already be found on YouTube.

Betty Crocker. In 1928, the General Mills concern appeared. He united six large companies at once, one of them was Washburn Crosby from Minneapolis. In the late 1910s and early 1920s, Americans literally bombarded her with baking questions. As a result, managers have come to believe that responses should be less formal and more personal. For this, a virtual alias appeared. He was given the name Betty, as it seemed rather soft and welcoming. And his last name was given to him by William Crocker, the executive director of the company, who had retired by that time. It was announced to the public that Betty Crocker was an ordinary secretary who won the competition among the company's employees. In 1936, the brand symbol even took on its real face. To do this, the artist Naysa McMain gathered all the office workers of the company in one room and created a single image based on numerous faces. True, there is an opinion that Betty Crocker actually lived. In one poll in America, she became the second most famous woman in the country after Eleanor Roosevelt. Over the next seven decades, the face of the legendary Betty has changed 7 times. In 1955 she rejuvenated, in 1980 she acquired a more businesslike look, and in 1996 her appearance became more multicultural - Betty turned dark and got an "ethnic" look.

Uncle Sam. This image is known not only to every American, but also to almost every inhabitant of the Earth. After all, Uncle Sam has become a real symbol of the US government and citizens of the country. The paintings depict a thin, bearded man wearing a red-blue-white suit. But where this person came from in American culture, not everyone knows. In 1917, the American artist D.M. Flagg created a poster with him. The painting was based on an original poster from three years ago, on which the English Lord Kitchener was painted. Uncle Sam encouraged soldiers to take part in World Wars I and II. On Flegg's posters, his character is drawn differently, adding the gesture of veteran Walter Botts. And the face itself is somewhat similar to Samuel Wilson. During the war of 1812, this New York butcher supplied his food to the American army. The packages said U.S. (United States). But the soldiers jokingly deciphered it as Uncle Sam (Uncle Sam). The story quickly spread by newspaper people, and the term Uncle Sam soon came to be used to refer to the country's government. The image was collective for a long time, and his facial features were taken from different people. Uncle Sam himself never existed. The most famous face for him was the one featured on Flagg's poster. It was this uncle who called the Americans to fight during the numerous wars of the 20th century.

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