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One of the most amazingly beautiful countries of Brunei (the full name is the Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam) is comfortably located on the shores of the South China Sea on the northern coast of the island of Borneo (Southeast Asia). Brunei is one of the most interesting and inaccessible countries - tourists are welcome here with great reluctance. This small, proud and isolated land hides in itself unusual and unfamiliar traditions.

Brunei is a monarchical country whose strict Muslim views are surprisingly combined with the unique Malay culture. In principle, the whole life of Brunei revolves around Islam, this is a world living according to strict Sharia law.

In Brunei, there is even a Ministry of Religious Affairs, whose employees very strictly enforce all Muslim norms and rules. Sharia law in this country completely rules the life of Bruneians, both public and personal.

Brunei has some of the highest living standards. There are no taxes, every representative of the sultanate is entitled to free medical care and free education. After reaching the age of majority, a young citizen of Brunei receives a land plot as a gift from the sultan (ruler of the country), and the girl receives funds to build a future house.

Brunei has the strictest prohibition on premarital relations, with severe penalties for violations. All sexual contacts and even allusions to them between Muslims and representatives of other religions are prohibited. Violators of these rules may even be evicted from the country. Everything in Brunei is strict and chaste.

The widespread belief that a girl is given in marriage without her consent has some reservations. One exception is very curious: if the future Brunei husband has a good education, then this rule of equality in origin does not apply to him when choosing a bride.

A family in Brunei is a small state run by a husband. He is primarily responsible for the welfare of his wife and the rest of the family. According to Brunei laws, it is forbidden to support a family on the profit received from bribes, giving money at interest. The duties of a husband in a Brunei family can be roughly divided into:

Material. The very first fulfillment of this duty is the presentation of a mahra (marriage gift) to the future wife. It can be jewelry, money, clothing, real estate, etc. The size of the terry should correspond to the financial capabilities of the groom himself.

After the wedding ceremony, absolutely all the costs associated with providing for the wife fall on the shoulders of the spouse. If the husband shows signs of stinginess, the wife has every right to dispose of finances without his consent.

Spiritual. Responsibilities in the spiritual plane mean a condescending and understanding attitude towards the wife, the creation of all the necessary conditions for her spiritual and mental development. If a Brunei husband wants to obstruct any desires of his wife, he must do so by convincing and explaining, but in no case should he infringe on her rights, let alone inflict beatings or insults.

According to the rules of Brunei, a husband can have up to four wives, but on the condition that he is guaranteed to pay due attention to each of them in all aspects of life: from marital responsibilities to financial security. At the same time, all funds are evenly divided between the wives, and it is considered a violation if a husband gives more preference to a wife.

According to the customs of Brunei, after the marriage, the wife moves to her husband's house. From now on, her main responsibilities are household affairs, caring for her husband and raising children. In Brunei families, the wife is considered a full companion and partner of her husband, but she is obliged to obey him and obey him implicitly.

The wife can leave the house without the husband's permission to visit her parents. If desired, a Brunei married woman can continue her studies, attend mosques and work, provided that the work is not physically difficult. According to the laws of Brunei, a wife has a lot of rights compared to other Muslim families. A Brunei married woman has in her family:

• Good attitude and condescension.

• Respect from your spouse.

• Help of the husband in all household chores.

• Non-disclosure of all their secrets by the spouse.

Brunei is a country with very strict Islamic traditions, but with regard to married women, the laws are somewhat liberal. Most Brunei wives work, drive cars, engage in public life, can freely wear European clothes, and even serve in the police.

The inhabitants of Brunei sacredly honor the traditions of their ancestors. From a very young age, young Brunei people are instilled in love for their country, taught to be thrift (there is one known Bruneian instructive tale about the Golden Mountain, which is told to children in every family). Traditionally, women are involved in the upbringing of Brunei babies.

This Islamic country gives a lot to its citizens. In addition to free medicine, every Bruneian has the right to free education at a higher educational institution in any country in the world. As a rule, there are many children in a Brunei family. They are brought up in the strict traditions of Islam, introducing children to the Islamic culture and the foundations of Sharia from the very birth.

According to the laws of this country, it is not difficult for a man to get a divorce - it is enough just to declare his desire to his wife. But even after the divorce proceedings, the husband is obliged to support his ex-wife and has no right to expel her from his house. It is quite difficult for a woman to get a divorce in Brunei. She can divorce her husband on her own only if there are some reasons:

• If the spouse is unable to support her.

• In the case of a long absence of the husband at home, provided that this led to the deprivation of the woman's usual financial position.

• The presence of mental or physical illness of the spouse.

According to the laws of Brunei, children after a divorce remain to live with their mother until they reach 7 years of age. After that, young Bruneians can choose for themselves which of their parents to live with. But in any case, the obligation to financially support them completely falls on the shoulders of the father.

Sharia negatively refers to adoption or adoption, but allows some conditions under which the spouse of a Brunei can raise his children from a second wife. But only the woman who gave birth to them remains a mother forever.

Brunei is a fabulous place with amazing, unusual customs and outlook on life. And one of the few countries from which it is almost impossible to meet in other states. They don't leave Brunei - they live there. This is a country of untouched customs and its inimitable culture.

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