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The Belgian family can be fully called the strongest of all families in the world. However, the very fact that these people, sometimes even in different countries and on different continents, never lose touch, is of great importance.

Most often, of course, relatives in Belgium always live nearby, and when the whole family gathers, the house is filled with children's voices, cheerful laughter, noisy meetings are warm.

Surprisingly, even teenagers and young people enjoy visiting all of their uncles, aunts, grandparents. At such meetings, there is always a lot of all kinds of delicious food, which they try to feed small children and young children.

Only parents with children always live in one house in Belgium, the newlyweds try to settle separately from the vigilant control of their parents, they acquire their own children.

The parents of the newlyweds themselves who live nearby come in very handy, because they can pick up their grandchildren from kindergarten or meet them from school when young people want to spend time alone or take a break from the offspring constantly spinning under their feet.

The Belgians are very fond of traveling, they are ready with their family to travel the whole world, some even set such goals for themselves. Despite the fact that the Belgians are basically very frugal, they spend more than 2 thousand dollars on only one vacation, which is spent with the whole family, and this is only at one time. How many such trips can Belgian families take per year? The Belgians are not used to saving money for a good rest.

The favorite pastime of the Belgians, who gather with their large families, is the enjoyment of talking about everything. They can spend hours discussing everything and everyone, share all the news and gossip, but they never discuss the deplorable financial condition.

Belgians are always glad to have guests in their home, and they are also happy to meet in various cafes, restaurants or clubs, where you can drink excellent beer and again talk about pressing matters.

Belgians are very temperamental, but their explosive nature does not always manifest itself immediately. Sometimes it happens that a married couple who have been married for many years begins to get to know each other for real. It would seem that a completely calm and balanced person changes in a matter of days, and becomes simply unrecognizable, and then real storms of emotions and passions occur in the family.

The most favorite meeting of all the numerous relatives in Belgium is the wedding. This is exactly the moment when everyone can boast of their achievements, new place of residence, their outfits and listen to plenty of and tell all the interesting news.

After exchanging pleasantries and greetings, all the invitees sit down at the table and proceed to the plentiful food, from which the tables are always simply bursting. Weddings are always fun, with songs and dances.

However, there is one very interesting feature, which is that children are never present at any wedding. It is not clear why this is happening. Perhaps due to the fact that children carry with them turmoil and spin under their feet; perhaps because this is not a children's party, and if you really think about it, then it is. However, the fact remains that children are not allowed for weddings in Belgium.

Nowadays, for a long time, all congratulations on the holidays and birthday are sent by e-mail or by phone. However, the Belgians have done well here, because they still use postage greeting cards.

Postcards are sent to every relative, even if he is very close. Today, one can hardly find at least one other country where such a huge number of postcards are sold on holidays, as in Belgium.

Usually, Belgians marry at a more conscious age of 25 - 30, when everyone already determines their life goals and realizes the seriousness of family relationships.

First of all, a young family strives to create their own nest: cozy and warm, where they will feel confident and reliable, like behind a stone wall in the literal sense of the word. Only after that do they think about replenishing the family.

Due to the fact that the arrangement of your home requires significant costs, both spouses usually work in the family, because it is necessary to pay loans and mortgages for housing, as well as insurance.

Even after the baby is born, the mother goes to work pretty soon and receives the full salary as before pregnancy. This, of course, is very convenient if there are no problems with grandparents who agree to babysit their grandchildren.

Otherwise, the child has to hire a nanny. In especially difficult situations, parents are always ready to come to the aid of their newlyweds, but, despite the strength and cohesion of family relations, parents in Belgium always give money only on credit. It follows from this that, nevertheless, parents let their children float freely through the turbulent expanses of an independent family life.

In a Belgian family, all responsibilities are divided between husband and wife, equally, and there is never any dispute over who should throw the trash or wash clothes and dishes. The husband is happy to stand in the kitchen if the spouse is late at work.

In addition, each family chooses the form of cost accounting that is closest to them. Maybe open a common account, to which both the husband and wife will transfer a certain amount of money every month, or choose separate accounting of funds, but in this case, all expenses are distributed between the spouses, that is, one of the spouses is responsible for some expenses, the other - for others.

The Belgians are concerned about the future of their children, and while the child is just settling in peace, the parents are already planning which educational institution he will study in and which specialty he will receive.

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