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Today consumers want to see on their table not trivial vodka, but exquisite alcoholic drinks. They have transformed a long tradition into true art.

There are traditions not only for the methods of making the drink, but also for its consumption. The whiskey glass should be simply cylindrical in shape, preferably with a thick bottom. Thus, the elegance of the drink itself is emphasized. It is customary to drink whiskey either pure or with ice cubes. In pursuit of the purest and tastiest whiskey, many of its varieties have been released. The most expensive types of whiskey will be discussed below.

Ladybank single malt. Edinburgh has an upmarket Ladybank distillery. He produces only 300 bottles of the rare single malt whiskey per year. But only a member of the Club can purchase this drink. For the right to be in it, local rich people shell out $ 4,700 a year. The very same bottle of elite whiskey is 4800 units in American currency.

Macallan 1947. This whiskey was first bottled in 1962, after aging in sherry barrels. It happened in Italy. This whiskey was then bottled for the rare and excellent Macallan collection. The cooking technology of this variety was dictated by history itself. Barley was dried in ovens with peat, not coal. After all, this fuel was quite expensive during the Second World War. But this technology not only did not spoil the drink, but also gave it a unique "smoked" flavor. This is not the case with modern Macallan products. The cost of a bottle of a rare variety reaches $ 6,800.

Chivas Regal Royal Salute. Twenty-year-old Chivas Regal Royal Salute whiskey was poured especially for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of England in 1953. It had a sophisticated aroma of smoky anise with raisins. Another 50 years passed and the final bottling was made. The whiskey was enough for exactly 255 bottles. 10 of them were sold to one American collector. Each bottle cost a whiskey fan $ 10,000. The drink, aged for half a century, was poured into blue bottles. It was trimmed with gold and silver, which significantly influenced the cost of the drink.

Macallan 1939. This unique whiskey is 40 years old and has a price tag of $ 10,125. Its peat-making technology rewarded the drink with the aroma of dry fruits and sweet iris. The whiskey was placed in barrels in 1939 and bottled in 1979. In 2002, Macallan was added to the fine and rare line of the famous distillery, and the drink was re-bottled.

1955 Glenfarclas. This real Scotch whiskey has been aged for half a century. This noble single malt drink is bottled in a 700 mm bottle, and its strength is 44.4%. The whiskey is the most seasoned of any beverage ever bottled by the Scottish Glenfarclas distillery. The drink has a spicy aroma and delicate taste. And this value is "only" 10,878 dollars.

Dalmore. This whiskey is one of the best in the world, it has a very original taste. The high price of 11 thousand dollars is justified by the fact that only 60 bottles of this drink were produced. The whiskey is fifty years old and was poured into Dalmore sherry casks in 1978.

Macallan Lalique Crystal Decanter. This whiskey has been waiting for 55 years to mature in sherry barrels. There the drink was saturated with an exotic taste and a haze aroma. The subtle citrus flavor is also worth noting. A matching bottle has been created for the $ 12,500 whiskey. The crystal piece repeats the outline of a 1910 perfume bottle. A total of 420 such bottles were produced, each of which received its own serial number. The cork was made of amber crystal. The manufacturer had to try hard on such a difficult job.

Glenfiddich 1937. In 1937, whiskey was poured into barrel # 843 at the Glenfiddich Scottish distillery. Over time, the masters discovered that the drink matures for an unusually long time. During the preparation of whiskey, about 10 masters changed. And only in 2010, specialist David Stewart came to the conclusion that the drink was ready. There are only 61 bottles of liquid left in the barrel. The color of the whiskey turned out to be rich, reminiscent of dark amber or antique bronze. The taste gave off cedar, oak and bitter chocolate notes. In 2006, a bottle of this whiskey was sold at auction for $ 20,000. Today, the manufacturer is asking for 50 thousand pounds for it.

Dalmore 62. The famous Dalmore distillery in Inverness, in 1943, decided to mix 4 malts at once. They dated from 1868, 1876, 1926 and 1939. Each whiskey has been labeled with its own name. Some of them were sealed with a 1942 cork. In 2005, one such bottle was purchased for 58 thousand dollars and drank. She became the only one drunk in the series. The remaining bottles are in private collections, and one of them is in the collection of the White & Makey company.

Macallan 1926. This whiskey was bottled twice - in 1986 and in 2002. Its exposure is 60 years. The drink is rated as "dry and concentrated". In 2005, a South Korean businessman bought a bottle of rare whiskey for $ 75,000. But anyone can try this elite drink. You just need to get to the Borgata Hotel Casino @ Spa in Atlantic City and pay $ 3,300 for a gulp.

Dalmore 64 Trinitas. This whiskey was the first to be sold for six figures. Its price is 160.1 thousand dollars. The word "Trinitas" means that only three bottles of the rare drink were poured. The Dalmore distillery emptied its innermost reserves to make such a whiskey, some of the ingredients have been waiting for over 140 years. Two bottles of this whiskey were sold in Glasgow in 2010 to an American collector, and another went to a British investor. Whiskey became the first among Scotch, whose cost exceeded 100 thousand dollars.

The Macallan in Lalique. The most expensive whiskey in the world is 64 years old. This is the oldest whiskey ever bottled by the famous Macallan distillery. And the high price was announced at a charity auction in November 2010. A crystal decanter from Lalique was sold at the same event. The auction was dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Rene Lalique, the founder of one of the world's leading crystal companies.

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