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If in 1970 Americans spent 6 billion dollars on food from this network, then in 2001 this figure was already 110 billion. Even movies, books, newspapers and magazines, videos and music combined account for less.

The average American eats 4 servings of fries and 3 hamburgers each week. It is McDonald's that consumes potatoes, beef and pork more than other similar chains. And only the fast food "Kentucky Fried Chicken" consumes more chicken.

Especially for "McDonald's" a special breed of chicken with a huge breast was bred. She was named "Mister MD". This white breast meat is essential for one of the most popular dishes on the menu, the Chicken McNuggets. Once this changed the entire chicken production industry - now it was sold in pieces, and not whole, as before.

Psychologists believe that the golden arches of the McDonald's are a Freudian symbol, depicting the huge breasts of mother McDonald's.

About 66% of the employees of this retail chain are under 20 years old. This allows him to pay him a small salary for performing the simplest operations. In 1958, McDonald's published the very first detailed instructions on how to prepare food and communicate with customers correctly. Then it was a document of 75 pages, today its volume has grown 10 times. It is called the "McDonald's Bible".

Fast food has a very high staff turnover - up to 400%. The average network worker leaves the job after 4 months. Most of the workers are teenagers from disadvantaged and poor families, as well as immigrants who only know the English names of the dishes on the menu.

Low wages and poor working conditions are replaced by the creation of team spirit for young workers. McDonald's managers are trained on how to compliment their subordinates in order to create the illusion of irreplaceability. This is cheaper than a pay raise.

Young staff are injured here more often than adults 2 times. For a year, the number of crippled in their own cafes reaches 200 thousand people in the United States. About 12% of America's workers used to make a living at McDonald's.

Young McDonald's employees love to joke. So, videos of a Los Angeles fast food got on the Internet, where it was seen how teenage employees sneeze into food, put out cigarettes on food, and drop food on the floor. In May 2000, three Burger King workers in New York were arrested for spitting and urinating on food for more than six months. Cockroaches also lived in the mixers, and at night mice crawled on the hamburgers left to defrost. It is a well-known fact that the employees of fast food chains themselves do not eat in cafes until they have prepared a portion for themselves.

Fact, but everyone likes the taste of McDonald's potatoes. Previously, only the fat in which it was fried was "to blame" for this. For many decades it was a mixture of 93% beef fat and 7% cotton. However, the 90s brought the fight against cholesterol, which forced fast foods to switch to 100% vegetable oil.

But everyone loved the taste so much that they needed to preserve it. That is why McDonald's dishes at the very end of the long list include an inconspicuous, seemingly natural flavoring agent. This is what explains why McDonald's is always so delicious.

Where did such delicious hamburger and potato recipes come from? Not at all in cookbooks, rather in the works "Food Technology" and "Food Engineering". The food recipes outlined there have changed its composition in 40 years more than in the previous 40 thousand years. Today, the smell and taste of hamburgers are produced in New Jersey's huge chemical plants.

About 90% of the products we purchase are pre-processed. The natural taste of food is not possible after preservation and freezing. That is why over the past half century, the chemical industry has given us and fast food products a unique taste.

International Flavors & Fragrances not only creates tastes for McDonald's, but also produces 6 of the world's 10 most popular perfumes, including Beautyful Esti Lauder and Lancom's Trezor. The company also creates aromas of soaps, shampoos, dishwashing detergents. These are all links in the same chain. In fact, we wash ourselves the same as we eat.

For the supply of food McDonald's cooperates with meat processing plants. The job here is the most dangerous in the United States. More than 40 thousand wounds are officially registered every year. But American meat-packing plants process 400 carcasses every hour, while in Europe - only 100. Low salaries attract only immigrants to work here.

Ordinary cows feed on grass, but those animals that are intended for fast food meat grinders are driven by huge herds to special sites two or three months before being killed. There they are fed anabolic steroids and grains for quick weight gain.

One cow can eventually gain up to 200 kilograms by eating one and a half tons of grain. At the same time, its meat becomes extremely fatty, which is very suitable for minced meat.

With the rise in grain prices, the situation worsened. The first bell of mad cow disease rang in 1997, when 75% of American cattle ate the remains of cows, sheep and even cats and dogs from shelters. And chicken droppings were included in the diet of animals - in 1994 alone, 1.5 million tons were eaten. But after 1997, only supplements from horses, pigs and chickens, as well as sawdust from chicken coops, remained in the diet of cows.

The second leading cause of death in the United States, after smoking, is obesity. 300 thousand people die from it every year, this figure has increased by 60% since 1991. And the British, the greatest lovers of fast food in Europe, the level of obesity has doubled. Even Japan was infected with a general epidemic, although not so long ago there were practically no overweight people in a country with a vegetable and sea diet.

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