The art of handling a machine

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The IBM Principle

The machine must work, the man must think.

The law of nature's willfulness

You can't tell ahead of time which side of the sandwich to butter.

Jenning's Corollary

The likelihood that a sandwich will fall butter down is directly proportional to the value of the carpet.

The law of selective gravitation

The item will fall in such a way as to cause the most damage.

Klipstein's Corollary

The most fragile part will be dropped.

Anthony's Shop Law

Any tool, if dropped, is rolled into the most inaccessible corner of the workshop.


Rolling into a corner, he will first hit you in the toes.

Spare parts principle

When looking for small spare parts that have fallen from the workplace, the probability of finding them is directly proportional to the size of the part and inversely proportional to its value to complete the job.

Watson's law

The reliability of the equipment is inversely proportional to the number and position of the people watching it.

Vyshkovsky's second law

Everything can be adjusted if you turn it in your hands long enough.

Lowery's law

A part is stuck - push it. If it is broken, nothing; it still had to be replaced ...

Schmidt's law

If you damage the car long enough, it will break down.

Fudd's first law of opposition

Push something heavy and it will topple over.

Anthony's Law of Force

Don't waste your energy, take a bigger hammer!

Horner's postulate

Experience grows in direct proportion to the equipment disabled.

Kahn's axiom

If all else fails, finally read the instructions.

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