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Wilber - Fortress
Willard - Determined
Willis is the son of desire
Wilfred - the world of wishes
Wilfrid - the world of wishes
William - helmet
Winston - the stone of joy
Winfred is a friend of the world
Wisdom - wisdom
Ulaiks - angry, hating
Ulysses - angry, hating
Wally - foreign, celtic
Wallis - foreign, celtic
Walt is the ruler of the army
Walter is the ruler of the army
Walton - spring settlement
Warwick - living near a dairy farm
Warner - Army Guard
Warren - zoo, safari
Wat is the ruler of the army
Watkin - ruler of the army
Upton - upper settlement
Urban - city dweller
Uriah - god is my light
Wayne - coachman, van maker
Wesley - west meadow

Fabian - as Fabius
Falk - tribe
Farley - fern cleansing
Pharaun - Ready to Ride
Farran - Ready To Ride
Phelan - small wolf
Feliz - lucky
Felix - lucky
Felim - ever good
Feliz - lucky
Fenton - swamp dweller
Fergie is a strong personality
Fergus is a strong personality
Ferd - Ready To Ride
Ferdy - Ready To Ride
Ferdinand - Ready To Ride
Fester - from the forest
Festus - festive
Fido - I Trust
Phil is a horse lover
Philipe is a horse lover
Philander - with love for people
Filbert - very bright, famous
Philip is a horse lover
Philip the horse lover
Philo - to love
Phoenix - dark red
Finis - snake mouth
Flemming - from Flanders
Flecher - Shooter Maker
Flynn - red, ruddy
Flint - violent, physically tough
Floyd - gray haired
Florrie - Prince-King
Flurry - Prince-King
Fock - tribe
Fox - fox
Fonz - noble and ready
Fonzi - noble and ready
Forbes - district, region
Ford - river ford
Forest - living in the forest
Forrest - Living in the Woods
Foster - parent, forester, mower
Fawk - tribe
Frazir - strawberry
Franklin is an honorary citizen
Fred is a peaceful ruler
Freddie is a peaceful ruler
Frederick is a peaceful ruler
Fredrik is a peaceful ruler
Fraser - strawberry
Fraser - strawberry
Freeman is an honorary citizen
Frits is a peaceful ruler
Frodo is wise
Frank is an honorary citizen and free
Frankie - free
Franklin is an honorary citizen
France - free
Francis - free

Havelock - naval war
Hadwin is a military friend
Hadley - area
Hal - home ruler
Ham - bright support
Hamish the invader
Hamlet is a small village
Hammond - home
Hunk - home ruler
Hanley is the champion
Hunter is a hunter
Harv - fighting against the worthy
Harvey - Fighting Against the Worthy
Hardy - brave, hardy, strong
Harding - brave, tough, strong
Harcourt - falconer's hut
Harlan - the land of the hare
Harland - troublemaker
Harley - hare forest
Harlin is a noble warrior
Harmon is a brave, hardy man
Harper - harp player
Harris is Harry's son
Harrison is Harry's son
Hartley - deer forest
Howell - outstanding, notable
Headley - Heather Region
Heck - protective
Henderson is Hendry's son
Hendrik - Home Ruler
Henrai - House Ruler
Henry - House Ruler
Herb is a bright army
Herbie is a bright army
Hervey - fighting against the worthy
Hurley is a descendant of Yarfhlate
Hyacinth - hyacinth flower
Hilary - joyful, happy
Hillary - joyful, happy
Hiram - brother of the tall
Heath - wasteland
Heathcliff - wasteland near the cliff
Hiu - heart, opinion, or spirit
Hoard - high guard
Hob - famous
Hodge - the famous spear
Hoyt - long stick
Holden - Deep Valley
Hall - living in the hall
Hollis - living near trees
Homer is a hostage
Hopkin - son of Khob
Horace - having good eyesight
Horatayo - having good eyesight
Howie - High Guard
Hudd - heart, opinion, or spirit
Fuck - heart, opinion, or spirit
Huet - a small heart, opinion or spirit
Hookk - insulting, mocking
Hooksley - clarifying
Humbert - bright support
Huntley - hunter's forest
Huffy is a peaceful giant
Hugh - heart, opinion, or spirit
Hubert - bright heart, opinion or spirit
Hugo - Heart, Opinion, or Spirit
Huey - heart, opinion, or spirit
Haven - shelter, refuge
Hadley - Heather Field
Haywood - Indoor Forest
Hayden - Seine Valley
Hale - living in a secluded corner
Humphrey is a peaceful giant
Happy - happy
Hui - heart, opinion, or spirit

Chad - fighting
Chadwick - Sidda Dairy
Chaz is a human
Chuck is a human
Chukki - Human
Charlie is a man
Charlton - a settlement of free peasants
Charles is a man
Hour - man
Chase - stalker, hunter, hunt
Chandler - Candle Trader
Chance is a chance
Cherokee is a Native American name
Chester - Soldier's Camp
Cheyanne is a Native American name
Chip is a man, a follower of Christ
Chonki - Keeper of Records, Secretary
Chauncey - Keeper of Records, Secretary

Sha - like a hawk
Shad - aku team
Shai - like a hawk
Cheyenne is a Native American name
Shaquille - handsome
Shamus the invader
Shang is a good god
Shannen is an old river
Shannon is an old river
Shaw - grove, forest
Chevron - Association
Shelby - Hut Settlement
Sheldon Valley
Schelley - cleared area near the slope
Shelton - settlement on the ledge
Shem - name, glory
Sherwood - a bright forest
Sheridan is a descendant of Syridine
Sherlock - blonde
Sherman - haircut
Shi - like a hawk
Shiloh - messenger
Shimus the invader
Sholto - fruitful, seed-bearing, progeny
Sean is a good god
Shay - like a hawk
Shane is a good god

Abby - Father Lighting
Eben - a stone of help
Ebenezer - the stone of help
Evan is a good god
Evelyn is a small bird
Everard - strong as a hog
Everett - strong as a hog
Everitt - strong as a hog
Ewot - the guardian of prosperity
Egbert - the bright edge of the sword
Ed is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Ed"
Edan - fire
Edward is the guardian of prosperity
Edwin is a rich friend
Edgar the rich spear
Eddie is the guardian of prosperity
Edison - son of Eid
Edmund - Defender of Prosperity
Edon is a rich bear
Edun is a rich bear
Ezraa - help
Ezelstan - noble stone
Ezalwolf - noble wolf
Abe is the father of many
Abie is the father of many
Avery - Elf Meeting
Aiden - fire
Eilbert - a bright nobility
Aylward - noble guard
Aymerey - home ruler
Aymery - home ruler
Ainsley - hermit's forest hut
Ainsley - hermit's forest hut
Ace is number one
Eliotte - god is my god
Elban - white
Alvin is the elf's friend
Elvis is all-wise
Elwood - ruler of the elf
Elgar - elf spear
Eldwen is an old friend
Aldwin is an old friend
Elden is an old friend
Alger - Elf Spear
Eldin is an old friend
Eldis - Aldous, which was possibly originally a longer name containing the element "old" - old
Eldon - ella's hill
Eldred - Old Meeting
Eldus - Aldous, which was possibly originally a longer name containing the element "old" - old
Eli is god is my god
Eli - raising
Elias - god is my god
Elija - God - My God
Eliot - God - My God
Ella - foreign, different
Ellgar - Elf Spear
Ellger - Elf Spear
Ellery - joyful, happy
Elliot is god is my god
Ellis is a view, god is my god
Elmer - noble and famous
Elric - ruler of the elf
Elroy is king
Elsdon - Ella Valley
Elbert - bright nobility
Elton - Ella settlement
Emerson is Emary's son
Emil is a competitor
Emmanuel - God - with us
Emmerson is Emary's son
Emmett - whole
Emmett - whole
Emory is a hardworking power
Amary is a hardworking power
Angelbert - bright, famous
Andy is a man, a warrior
Andrew - man, warrior
Anthony is invaluable
Ervan - yew tree
Erwin is the hog's friend
Erek - ruler
Eric is the ruler
Earl - nobleman, prince, warrior
Ern is a fighter against death
Ernest is a fighter against death
Ernie is a fighter against death
Eron - high mountain
Errol - the wandering
Erroll - the wandering
Ethane - strong, durable
Ethelbert - noble, bright
Ethelred - noble council
Etelric - a noble rule
Ethelhard is a noble force
Ashley - Ash Grove
Euseby - devout

Eugene - Well Born
Julian - soft-bearded, symbolic reference to youth
Julius - soft-bearded, symbolic reference to youth
Junior - a boy who was named the same as his father
Eustace - good harvest, stability

Yankey - Englishman
Yankees - Englishman
Yarwood is a handsome lord

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