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Shaft - healthy, strong
Valentine - healthy, strong
Ward - guard, watchman
Wauhan - life in the swamp
Washington - a settlement associated with the Wasse
Webster - weaver
Weldon - Spring Hill
Ver - alder
Virgil is a follower
Verne - alder grove
Vernon - alder grove
Vester - from the forest
Westley - western meadow
Weston - western settlement
Vic - conqueror, victory
Victor - conqueror, victory
Vil is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Vil"
Wilburn - spring
Viley - helmet
Forks - helmet
Will - helmet
Willie - helmet
Willoughby - willow thickets
Wilmar - helmet
Wilmer - helmet
Wilmot - helmet
Wilson is the son of desire
Wilf - the world of desires
Wilford - river
Wilton - willow thickets
Vin - happy, fair, white
Windsor - landing place
Winnie is conquering
Vince is conquering
Vincent - conquering
Winslow - Hill of Wine
Winthrop - the village of wine
Virgil is a follower
Wistan - fighting against the stone
Whitikr - White Island
Whitney - White Island
Vaughan - a little
Vaughn - a little
Voldo - the rule
Volker - dense fabric
Wallis - foreign, Celtic
Wolf - wolf
Sing - man
Woody - living next to the forest
Woodrow - living next to the forest
Wolf the wolf
Wyatt - weathered the war
Wade - river ford
Wayland - military territory or battlefield
Vance - swamp dweller

Gabby is a strong man of god
Gabriel is a strong man of god
Guy - forest
Giles - baby, young goat
Galen - calm
Hamilton - High Hill
Gunther - military army
Garvan is a little rough
Garey - spear
Garland - from the triangular estate
Garnett - Defender
Harold - army ruler
Harry - home ruler
Gars - living in a fenced place
Garfield - Living in the Triangle
Gus is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Gus"
Guadeloupe - river of the wolf
Gabe is a strong man of God
Gail - calm
Geir - spear
Hector - Defender
Gene - well born
Henry - home ruler
Herbert is a bright army
Herman is an army man
Gideon the woodcutter
Gilbert - pure pledge
Gisbert - pure pledge
Gladwin - Pure Pledge
Glanville is a clean area
Glendower - Valley Water
Glenn Valley
Glan Valley
Howard - high guard
Godwin is a friend of god
Godfrey - God's World
Gollagher - foreign aid
Gollager - foreign aid
Homer - Ending, Ending
Gordes - a large hill or fort
Gorden - a large hill or fort
Gordon is a large hill or fort
Graem - home gravel
Gray - gray
Granville is a large settlement
Grand - big
Graheim - home gravel
Greg - cautious, alert
Gray - gray
Grenville is a large settlement
Greer - cautious, alert
Greer - cautious, alert
Griffin - leader, lord
Griffith - leader, lord
Grover - Living in the Grove
Greg - cautious, alert
Gregory - cautious, alert
Grady - noble
Graham - home gravel
Goodwin is a friend of god
Hudson - son of Hudd
Gay is a dandy
Gable is a strong man of God
Gaig - loan shark, pledge, guarantee
Gage - loan shark or pledge, guarantee
Gayelord is a dandy
Gail - calm, sea storm
Gaylon - calm
Gaylord is a dandy
Gare - spear
Gall - rooster
Gary the spear

Give - beloved
Davi - beloved
Dad - forest
Dadda - cloak, mantle, torn clothes
Dudley - forest
Diamond is a bright defender
Dakay - tenant, vassal
Dakota is an ally
Dax - badger
Dalton - Dale settlement
Damayon - taming, subduing
Damian - taming, subduing
Dana - from Denmark
Dani - God is my judge
Dunki - brown warrior
Danny - God is my judge
Darby - deer farm
Darwin is a dear friend
Darden - from Ardern
Daren - rich, rich
Darian - rich, rich
Daril - from Erell
Darin - from Areines
Darks - from the Arch
Darnell - secretive
Darrell - by Erell
Darren - from Areines
Darryl - by Erell
Darrin - from Areines
Darrell - from Erell
D'artagnan - from Artagnan
Dusty - the stone of Thor
Dustin - the stone of Thor
Dow - beloved
Duff - Black World
Duffy - Black World
Dashill - heavenly
Dwan - dark, black
Dwayne - dark, black
Day - day
Devan is a parishioner
Deven - deer
Devereux - from Evreux
Devin is a parishioner
Devon is a parishioner
Dave is the sweetheart
Dale - Valley, Valley
Deirl - by Erell
Deirn - from Areines
Declan is totally good
Dexter - auspicious, right-handed
Delbert is a modern name composed of the elements "del" and - "bert"
Dell - living in the hollow
Delmar - from the sea
Delroy is the son of the king
Demetrius - earth lover
Demon - people
Den - god is my judge
Denver - Crossing
Deneb - tail
Denzel - fort
Denis is a follower of Dionysus
Denil - God is my judge
Dennis is a follower of Dionysus
Denton - Dyke Settlement
Deon - Zeus
Deonne - Zeus
Deont - Zeus and steady
Derby - deer farm
Derek - King of Nations
Derik is the king of nations
Dermot is an honorary citizen, not envious
Derok - arrogant, stubborn
Derren - from Areines
Derry - fertile, fruitful
Derryl - by Erell
Deforest - from the forest
Deforrest - from the forest
Deshawn is a good god
Judd - flowing down
Jadin - jade
Jai - jay
Giles is a baby, a young goat
Jak is a good god
Jamar is a modern American name
Jamey - invader
Jamison is the son of James
Jarvis - Servant of the Spear
Jared - Descent
Jarod - Descent
Jarred - Descent
Jarrett is the spear of the brave
Jarrod - Descent
Jasper - treasure keeper
Justy Fair
Justin Fair
Jeb is the invader
Jed - God's lover
Jed is a brave spear
Jedidia - God's beloved
Jadene - Jade
Jake - God is kind
Jaylene - muttering, stopping
Jamie the invader
James the invader
Jairt - descent and old
Jason - Healing
Jackie is a good god
Jacob the invader
Jem - the invader appointed by god
Jenkin is a good god
Jep - liberating, opening
Jer - appointed by god
Gerald - ruler of the spear
Gerald - ruler of the spear
Gerard - the brave spear
Gervase - Servant of the Spear
Jervis - Servant of the Spear
Jeremy - Appointed by God
Jeri - appointed by God, and ruler of the spear
Jermaine - brother
Jerold - ruler of the spear
Jerome is a holy name
Gerrard - the spear of the brave
Jerred - Descent
Jerry is the ruler of the spear
Jerrod - Descent
Jerrold - ruler of the spear
Jess - a gift

Jesse is a gift
Jethro - Abundance
Jett - charcoal, black
Jeff - God's World
Jeffery - God's World
Jefferson is Jeffrey's son
Jeffrey - God's World
Jeffrey - God's World
Jib - pure pledge
Jed - woodcutter
Gidi - woodcutter
Jill is the net pledge
Jim is the invader
Jimi the invader
Jimmy the invader
Gisbert - Net Pledge
Giffard - Considering
Joe - he will multiply
Job - Hunted
Joby - Hunted
Jojo - he will multiply
Jody - he will multiply
Joseph - he will multiply
Joy - he will multiply
Joyce - Lord
John is good god
Jonazan - given by God
Jonason - given by God
Jonason - Given by God
Jonathan - Given by God
Joney is a good god
Joni is a good god
Johnny is good god
Jonty - Given by God
Jorgi is a peasant
Jordan - flowing down
George is a peasant
Geordie is a peasant
Jordon - flowing down
Joss is a lord
Joel - Yahweh - God
Josh - God - Salvation
Joshoah - God - Salvation
Joshua - God - Salvation
Jules - soft-bearded, symbolic reference to youth
Julian - soft-bearded, symbolic reference to youth
Justis - action, justice
Jud - he who is praised
Jay - jay
Jade - gem, jade
Jade - gem, jade
Jayden - gem, jade
Jaydon - gem, jade
Jacob is the invader
Jaylen - mumbling, stopping
Jaylene - mumbling, stopping
Jaylon - mumbling, stopping
James the invader
Jason - Healing
Jackson is Jack's son
Jamini is a twin
Jamie the invader
Jan is a good god
Dee is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Dee"
Deacon - servant
Digby - a moat around the settlement
Diggory - lost, lost
Digory - rejected, lost
Dizon - son of Dew
Dick is powerful and brave
Dickie is powerful and brave
Dicky is powerful and brave
Deal - the big sea
Dylan - Big Sea
Dilbert - having some specific meaning
Deamer - judge
Dean - Dean, Spiritual Observer
Dindr - man, warrior
Dirk - King of Nations
Dob - famous
Dodge - famous spear
Dolph is a noble wolf
House - owned by a lord
Domenic - owned by the lord
Dominic - owned by the lord
Don - world ruler
Donald is the world ruler
Donnie is the world ruler
Donovan - a little dark, black
Dor - Isis's Gift
Dorian - of the Dorian tribe
Dawson is Dow's son
Drake - snake or dragon, drake, monster
Tree - man, warrior
Draven the hunter
Dwight - Zeus
Duan - dark, black
Doug - Japanese current
Arc - dark stream
Douglas - Japanese current
Duncan - Brown Warrior
Dunstan - dark stone
Dew - follower of Dionysus
Deway is the beloved
Dewane - dark, black
David is the sweetheart
Davis is the sweetheart
Day - day
Davey is the sweetheart
Dane - Dean, Spiritual Observer
Dayton - Dyke Settlement
Dan is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Dan"
Dani - Dean, Spiritual Observer
Daniel - God is my judge
Danny is a follower of Dionysus
Darrick is the king of nations
Dashon is a good god
Duke - Commander, Leader

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