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Jules - soft-bearded, symbolic reference to youth

Zavir - new home
Zach - God remembers
Zakeri - God remembers
Zander - Defender of Humanity
Zacharius - God remembers
Zacharia - God remembers
Zacheri - God remembers
Zed - God's Justice
Zedekiah - God's Justice
Zek - God will strengthen, God remembers
Zubin - toothy
Theophilus is a friend of god

Ib is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Ib"
Ignatius - unknowing
Id - earth
Izzy - Isis's Gift
Isidor - a gift from Isis
Eamon - protector of prosperity
Inglebert - Engelbert
Ingram - raven
Indy is the land of the Hindus
Indiana is the land of the Hindus
Indigo - blue paint from India
Inesent - safe, innocent
Inigo - ignorant
Iorik - a peasant
Irvine - Green River
Irwin is a friend of the hog
Irving - green river
Earl - nobleman, prince, warrior
Irnest - a fighter against death
Issac - laughing
Issy - Isis's Gift
Easter - Easter itself, associated with the word "April"

York - from York

Ka - bringing joy
Cadmus - eastern
Cain - spear
Cairo - victorious
Kaid - round, overweight
Kyle - Slim
Feces - a little bald
Cullen is a young puppy
Kam - curved nose
Camden - closed valley
Camron - curved nose
Carbray - charioteer
Carbrie - charioteer
Carver - carver
Karei - dark
Karl - liberating people
Carlisle - Fortress Lugovalos
Carlyle - Fortress of Lugovalos
Carlin is a man
Carlton - a settlement of free peasants
Carrol is an amateur
Carter the cabby
Kasidi - curly (hair)
Casper - cherish the carrier
Cassidy - curly (hair)
Quentin is the fifth
Quintin is the fifth
Kevan - pretty, beloved
Kevin - pretty, beloved
Kay - bringing joy
Caiden's - flow, fall
Kaydn - a small battle
Cableb - dog
Cameron - curved nose
Casey - Alert, Awake
Calvin is a narrow river
Kelkei - the ship of victory
Kell is blond
Kelly is blond
Kelsei - ship victory
Kemp - athlete, wrestler, champion, warrior
Ken is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Ken"
Kendal - Tall Image
Kendall - Tall Image
Kendrick - High Hill
Kenelm the brave defender
Kenzi - pretty, accurately made
Kenith - born of fire and pretty, accurately made
Kennedy - ugly head
Kenneth - born of fire and pretty, exactly made
Kenny - pretty, made and born of fire
Kennith - comely, accurately made and born of fire
Kenrick - High Hill
Kent - settlement
Kentigern - Chief Ruler
Kenton - settlement
Kermit is an honorary citizen, not envious
Kearney - soldier, warlike
Kerr - living in a humid place overgrown with bushes
Kerry - from Kiara
Kert - a daring meeting
Curtis is suave
Keshon is a good god
Ki is like the sun
Kiaran is a little African American
Keelan - fair and slender
Keeler is a little warrior
Kylian the little warrior
Killian the little warrior
Kimbeline - Belenus's dog
Kimberley - King's City Meadow
Kimball - the royal brave
Kimbel - the royal brave
Keene - ancient, distant
Keenan - Ancient, Distant
Kynaston - Kinefrid settlement
King is king, family
Kingsley - King's Forest
Kip - who lives on the hill
Kiran is a little African American
Kirby - Church settler
Kirk - Church
Kiron - little African American
Cyrus is like the sun
Keith is a follower of Christ and pure
Keaton - a settlement on the shore
Keefe - pretty, handsome, sweetheart
Clive cliff
Clyde - dirty
Clankey - the red warrior
Clanky - Red Warrior
Clarence - Illustrious
Clark - clerk, secretary
Nibble - leaning to the ground
Clay - clay colony
Clayton - Regulatory
Clem - gentle and merciful
Clement - gentle and merciful
Clemmi - gentle and merciful
Cletis - glory
Cletus - Glory
Cleveland - Leaning to the Ground
Clint - Fair or White
Clinton - fair or white
Clifton - a settlement near a cliff or river bank
Cliff - ford near the cliff
Clifford - Ford near the cliff
Claude is lame
Clairk - clerk, secretary
Claire - Illustrious
Kodey - assistant
Cody - assistant
Kurtney - short nose
Cola - black, coal
Columban - pigeon
Colbert - black, charcoal and bright, famous
Colby - coal colony
Calder - Strong Water
Colin is a young puppy
Collahan - a little blonde
Colleen is a young puppy
Collum - pigeon
Kolten - Kola settlement
Colton - Cola settlement
Colt colt
Conan - small dog, wolf
Conway - yellow dog, wolf
Conley - purification by fire
Connell - strong as a dog, a wolf
Conner is a wolf lover
Connor - hunting dog
Conor - hunting dog
Konrad - a daring meeting
Confucius - Chinese Kong Fu Zi
Corbin the little crow
Cordell - rope
Korah - pond or boiling pool
Corey is a bubbling union
Cornelius - horn
Courtney - short nose
Courtney - short nose
Korey - reservoir
Kochi - assistant
Cole - pitch black, brown
Coleman - pigeon
Chris is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Chris"
Crispian - curly (hair)
Crispin - curly (hair)
Christy is a follower of Christ
Christian is a follower of Christ
Christopher - follower of Christ
Christopher is a follower of Christ
Crawford - buttercup
Crofton - Regulatory Pen
Craig - rock
Xavayor - new home
Xavier - new home
Xan - protector of humanity
Xzavir - new home
Quinn is the fifth
Quinckay - fifth
Quincy - fifth
Quinton - Queen's settlement, 5th
Cooper - bucket, container
Kurt is suave
Curtis is suave
Caid - Rough
Kaidn - small battle
Cale - dog
Caleb - dog
Camron - curved nose
Kane - Small Battle
Casey - Alert, Awake
Calvin - a little bald
Cam - crooked nose
Camp - crooked mouth or champion
Campbell - Curved Mouth
Carey - dark

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