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Meaning of the name

Elena is translated from Greek as "chosen", "bright".


From early childhood, she loves fairy tales, is a little closed in her inner world, always a little aloof from the children's team. She is gullible, but, having met with deception, especially based on the use of her gullibility, she will certainly try to punish the person who deceived her, showing extraordinary ingenuity.

Elena is kind, but her kindness in childhood is rarely active. So, she can bring a dirty street kitten into the house, give him milk, cry over his bitter fate, but she will not show firmness when the parents expel the "new settler" to the night street on the same evening.

He is fond of a little bit of everything. She tries to knit, and to sew, and to embroider - she is attracted by everything beautiful. Lessons are taught from time to time. She does well at school, even excellent in some subjects, thanks mainly to her good memory and the teacher she likes.

Elena is more like her father. In any case, she inherits his character exactly. Elena is emotional, categorical. Emotions in Elena's life generally play a big role.

In her youth, she gives the impression of closed and shy, but upon close acquaintance, it becomes clear that she is a cheerful person, a big dreamer and an optimist. Most of all Elena succeed in areas that require communication.

Love as a feeling for Elena is secondary, it appears as a result of compassion. Elena most likely will not marry a rich and beautiful, prosperous person in all respects, but will prefer a person whom she will regret. Not sparing herself in her sacrificial love, Elena expects the same attitude towards herself.

Elena is sensitive to everything that takes her husband away from her - his friends, hobbies and affections. Immersed in the world of her emotional experiences, she is indifferent to the imperfection of everyday life, she can easily get by with small things, and is picky.

At home Elena usually has peace and quiet. She is a homebody, a caring mother. A good hostess is only in her mood. The rest of the time, he refers to the kitchen as a boring, but necessary element of being.

Too excitable and susceptible. Overly impressionable, especially when it comes to the beautiful sides of life. They have an innate sense of beauty. These little ones should not be allowed to play the role of a princess in the family.

Elena likes to postpone things on the back burner. Inclined to laziness, slow. They feel good only in their own world, where they dream of jewelry, palaces and lavish receptions. They live in a fictional world, which involuntarily forces them to constantly lie.

This seemingly gentle woman-child hides a surprisingly strong will. Too excitable, capricious, which is both weakness and charm. Relations with other women are difficult, without much affection. They are more friends with men, but quickly turn them into their slaves. Defeat for them is like a personal insult.

Elena hardly forgives offenses, never forgets about the insult. They are capable of learning, but even here they show their characteristic originality. So, they can get carried away with geography, because the teacher has beautiful eyes ...

Helen are interested in everything that is connected with beauty. Among them there are artists, models, fashion models, but do not demand that they get up at seven in the morning and go to the factory. Very independent. Intuition serves Lena for her life plans, although they are a little intriguing.

They have the ability to use those around them, especially their countless admirers, for personal purposes. They are friendly, although they do not so much participate in the affairs of others as they involve others in their own problems.

In communicating with Elena, one should never forget that whatever her mask is, behind her is a vulnerable and sensitive soul. Show a little warmth to her and a completely different person will appear in front of you.


She is endowed with a distinct sexual personality. Elena is rarely very passionate or impenetrably cold, as a rule, she does not experience many of the strong emotions that are familiar to other women. However, she will always protest against any attempt to belittle the intimate side of her life.

Her creative nature strives for perfection, so she is often intolerant of the mistakes of others and tries not to repeat them. She can be the perfect partner for a reserved man with a moderate temperament.

Stormy passions are unknown to her; in her family life, sex becomes a ritual invariably associated with the night time. She will neatly and efficiently finish her evening dress and, reading the book, will wait for her husband in bed. At the same time, she sincerely believes that this is how the intimate relationships of family people should look like.

Perhaps Elena's husband would like to possess her at least once, breaking this ritual, among the clothes scattered on the floor, inhaling the smell of her body, and not exquisite perfumery, Elena can sacrifice much for her husband, she is a faithful and devoted wife, but just not to do it , because she herself does not feel such a need.

Elena loves to take care of unfortunate men. Often, consoling someone who has suffered a love failure, she herself can fall in love with this poor fellow. At the same time, her sexual attraction to a weak man seeking sympathy borders on compassion, some kind of maternal feeling.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Cancer.


The sound of the name Elena gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, simple, smooth, round, kind, light, gentle, brave, cheerful, slow, joyful.

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