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Meaning of the name

Edward in translation from ancient German means "guardian of wealth".


Eduard is a very active, curious child as a child. He likes to create unexpected situations and watch how people find a way out of them. This cheerful analyst always creates unforgettable "embarrassment" for his parents. Edward is a good student, but only if he wants to.

Can work as a designer, engineer, architect, doctor. At work, Edward is respected, but his jokes and practical jokes can bring colleagues to a slight neurosis. Otherwise, Eduard is polite, well-mannered, sociable, benevolent.

When it comes to personal interests, Edward is able to show firmness, sometimes even toughness of character. Edward is very amorous. He likes beautiful, bright women.

Having married, Edward usually does not stop his "romances", which his legal wife successfully reconciles with. In the family, Edward strives for leadership, finances are also under his control.


Edward has a burning "southern" temperament, but in love he tries to behave with restraint. Edward is afraid of female leadership, so he ignores strong women.

Edward studies the psychology of a woman, her weaknesses, how they study a potential opponent. Each date with a woman for him is a little fight in which Edward shows miracles of tactics and strategy.

For Edward, the main thing is to win at any cost in order to write it down in his track record, that's all. To achieve the goal, Edward is ready for anything, he plays on pity, jealousy, maternal instinct.

Edward is sure that women are insidious creatures, they need to be subdued. When Edward realizes that he has won a woman, he becomes affectionate, very generous, and, for a while, devoted. Edward is extremely jealous, in jealousy he is terrible.


Light yellow.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Edward gives the impression of something beautiful, loud, big.

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